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I have been meaning to write this for a while now and reading Metropolitan Mum’s post last night encouraged me to try and put into words how tough a month February has been for many of us.

Personally, a close family member (who wishes to be unnamed) has been ill, causing great worry to our family. Thankfully he is slowly on the mend (when things could have been quite different), putting daily niggles into great perspective.

My heart, along with the rest of the blogging community, is breaking for Jennie at Edspire whose beautiful daughter Matilda Mae slept and never woke. It is unimaginable what pain her and her family are going through right now. We are all mourning with her and sending her strength and love.

I am also thinking of great blogging friend Mirka from All Baby Advice whose father is very unwell. She and her whole family are always in my thoughts at this terrible time.

Blogger and mother of 4, Tamsyn from Manic Mum is at the forfront of on our minds as she battles to get her husband Alex, home. Alex suffered a life changing brain injury from a rugby accident in October 2011 and the family relocated back to the UK from their lives in France. After 2 life saving brain operations, 3 1/2 months in ICU, he is now in neuro-reeducation.

His recovery will take years, and his sight will not return. Tamsyn hosted a fundraising ball recently (which I sadly couldn’t make), raising over £12k for making waves for Alex with the funds going towards vital treatment and equipment to help him on his slow recovery. If you would like to support his rehabilitation, you can donate at the above link.

Thank you.

Photograph ©Peter Broadbent.

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15 Responses

  1. TheBoyandMe

    I completely agree with you, but it’s not just February, it was January as well. I struggled throughout January with Kerry’s death and now with Matilda gone too, I do wonder what the big plan is! Hoping Spring is on the way and life is going to start getting a bit better.

  2. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Oh Vicky, thank you so much for mentioning me in this post and also for chatting to me on twitter and via e-mails, it means a lot to me. I am so glad your … is better now xxx

  3. sharcasm

    Wow, what an incredibly heartbreaking story from Jennie, so, so sad. Something no person should ever have to experience in their lives. x

  4. sharcasm

    It takes a strong courageous lady like yourself to deal with all that life has thrown at you and your family recently. Very, very proud of you hon! It definitely teaches you not to take things for granted in life. Things will get better! x

    • honestmum

      @Sharcasm thanks lovely and for being such a good friend. There are far more courageous ladies here than I, like Jennie for a start. What has happened to her is devastatingly sad xx

  5. ghostwritermummy

    Yes, it really has been a difficult month and it is times like this that I realise how lucky I am. Not only to have 3 beautiful and healthy children, but also to be part of the parent blogging community.

  6. Babes about Town

    Unbelievably tough times for a lot of people, and half the time we can only get a glimpse of how hard it is behind the scenes. So grateful for the outlet of blogging, the support of the community and the constant reminder to count your blessings. And make every day count!

    Big hugs lovely xoxo

    • honestmum

      @Babesabouttown it is such a sad time and you are right, we only see a glimpse. Our blogging community is so special and I agree about making every day count, wise words xx

  7. Sam Hadadi

    You are an amazingly strong lady and you have coped so incredibly well with what this month has thrown at you. It is times like these where you remember just how precious family are.

    As ever, I am always here 🙂

    I am in floods of tears reading Jennie’s blog. What an utterly heartbreaking post – I can’t even begin to imagine what she is going through. It’s every mother’s worst nightmare. My thoughts are with her and her angel baby too x

    • honestmum

      @Sam Hadadi thank you Sam, you have been a great friend to me. Will not forget that. It is so utterly devastating about Matilda xx


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