I’m a girl’s girl, always have been, always will be.


Apart from my best friend Will and a scattering of male mates, my life is mostly filled with girlfriends.

best friends-Honest Mum

In fact I seem to collect friends by the day.

Sounds nuts but my network expands constantly through my work and it’s just so flipping awesome to meet new like-minded women all the time.

Collaborators, friends, laugh-makers and more.

Let me start by saying too: I love women.

Writing that statement felt a bit weird.

Mostly because it’s rare to type it out, read it or even hear other women stating they LOVE other women.

Baffling isn’t it?

Female-love and support needs to become naturalised in my opinion, a given so here I am contributing in my small way on my part of the internet writing and sharing my love of my ever growing girl squad fittingly on International Women’s Day #iwd2016.

Frustratingly, the media has played a huge part in creating/amplifying women-on-women bashing, yet I look around those I know and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes I have witnessed and been at the receiving end of b!******** but that’s definitely not the norm in my life, which is thankfully bursting with women who LOVE and RESPECT one another deeply.

Women who can’t live without one another.

Women who lean on and support one another.

Women who holds their hands up when they f*** up, say sorry, make amends and get through s**** together.

Warrior women.

Like most of my ‘sisters’, my closest, most treasured relationships are with other women (along with my husband natch, but you know, he’s most definitely not a woman)- and I desperately NEED women in my life.

Friends-Honest Mum

Here with great friend Casting Director Nicci Topping at the Cannes Film Festival. 

I’m lucky to have more real mates than fingers (remember that ‘count your real mates on her hands’ saying well balls to that) because I’ve lost count of how many bad-ass, creative and kind gal pals fill up my phone book, timelines and day to day meet-ups.

These women, many of them are mamas, speak their mind, break glass ceilings, push barriers, create change and most importantly hold one another up to feel bigger, better, stronger and HAPPIER together.

My heart breaks for those who don’t participate or have a network of women to lean on.

An article in this month’s Elle wittily titled, ‘True Womance’ was the initial inspiration behind this post with the piece concluding we women value our fellow girlfriends from the way we dress for one another to tellingly, confidence and contentment.

I know my friends contribute HUGELY in how I see and respect myself- and when friendship meets business as with my work with Jessica Huie MBE, the result, the energy, the force and FUN together is DYNAMITE!

Last year, Jessica and I created the workshop, ‘Turning Passion into Pounds’ launching our first one with Stylist Magazine.

Our next offering, this time to an audience of 2500 (!) is in collaboration with the British Library on April 8th 2016 before a UK and even possibly a world tour!

Together we’re sharing our expertise and experience of working as Creatives encouraging others to take ownership and control over their businesses on and offline.

A huge part of what we advocate is collaboration, we lead by example but also FOCUS on how women can help one in business and in life.

You can book tickets for our next workshop in collaboration with the British Library on 8th April 2016 6.30-8.30 HERE.

I have so much respect and love for this girl.

We’re so in sync we didn’t even communicate we’d both be in blue on our launch day and look at us both!

Vicki and Jessica Huie MBE

Two bad asses are better than one right?!

And you know what else, when I look at the women I know: my closest mates, my great blogging pals, clever colleagues and loving family members too, all I see is a gigantic wave of togetherness, an empowering mountain of big hearted, brilliant women.

I miss them madly if we don’t speak regularly


And that’s the thing about female friendships, they are a little bit romantic. We regularly utter ‘I love you’ on the phone and in person to each other, we lean on one another as you would a partner, we hug, laugh, out the world to rights and truly DO love one another.

Take my best friend Carlie. We met at school, lived on parallel roads growing up and spent most of our teens stunting our growth smoking Marlborough Lights behind our local newsagents. Then, on the weekends we’d throw parties in the farmer’s fields behind our houses, without his permission (soz). Those. Were. The. Days.

I speak to Carlie on the phone every week without fail.

We have history and a present, we know each other inside out.

Here we are a few months ago-snow queens!

best friends

We might live in different cities but always feel close.

We’ve had 5 kids between us, hang out whenever we can, never forget birthdays and when we see each other, it’s feels like it was only yesterday we were getting up to things we hope our kids never will when they’re our age!

I’d be less of a woman without my oldest mates in my life. They taught me true friendship from the start.

…It’s the same with my blogging babes-we firstly met online through our blogs and twitter then IRL and have created a non-exclusive sisterhood together that’s open to all. A sisterhood that welcomes brothers too (Hi Daddy bloggers)!

I connect to these girls online often many times a day.

And because we blog, we often write about one another.

This touching tribute my blogging mate Helen wrote on our friendship HERE, made me blub.

Together we have held and continue to hold each other’s hands through tough times and equally enjoy the most hilarious of girlie meet-ups ALWAYS involving food and wine.

We regularly chat on the phone and even dedicated Valentine’s to our very own Galentine’s where we scoffed pizzas the size of our heads and gulped prosecco like we hadn’t been out since 1999 (I don’t think I HAVE actually have been out since 1999 by the way).

great blogging friends

Our lightweight heads were whirling by the end of our ‘date’ and it was all kinds of awesome.

My other blogger buddies are of course my long time homegirls: Uju, Mirka Nomita, Zaz and Michelle-women I love with all my heart, bloggers who totally understand this crazy world we live and work in and collectively are the ones I’ve known the longest.

I just wish I had photos with everyone!

Blogger besties-Honest Mum

Mirka and I at BritMums Live 2014.

Mirka and Uju

Mirka and Uju 

Nomita-Ebabee Likes

Nomita and her daughter. 


Zaz and I at a Christmas meet-up at Aubaine.

matesMichelle and I at BritMums Live 2015. 

Life online simply wouldn’t be the same without this lot…

Big up too, to my beautiful Amancay, a feature filmmaker and great friend whom I went to uni with, a key player in my life, she is the reason I started this blog, here.

If Amancay hadn’t pestered me for weeks to set up a blog while I was on maternity leave, honest mum would not be here.

great matesAnd here we are with another great uni mate, Sharmin who now lives in Amsterdam. Together, we try and meet up once a year for the Berlin or Cannes Film Festivals or in my hometown of Leeds to relive our wilder days. It does take me a week rather than a day to recover from our nights out these days though!


Fearless, focused, unapologetically ambitious as they should be, they make me proud to stand by their side.

When it comes to family, my first-loves, top of the tree is my beloved Mama.

Mum is my anchor, we are unconditionally bound and posses an unbreakable bond. She is the blueprint for all my female friendships. A feminist, over-achiever, a former university lecturer and the most selfless mother I’ve ever met, if I’m half the mum she is, I’m happy.

Mother and daughter

The same applies with my loving grandmothers before her, my darling Annetta and namesake Vikentia. The roots that cement me.

I can’t forget my Aunts and wider Big Fat Greek Family too.

Aunty Zak

Here is Auntie Mary, my Mum and Auntie Lou. aunties

Here I am with my ‘Big Sister’ Maria who I love like family-Maria is wisdom personified and means the world to me.


Of course my best friend, the romantic love of my life, my husband Peter is my EVERYTHING. The one who makes me see life in a different light, takes away the small problems that often feel so HUGE- he calms me down while I fire him up.

husband and wife

I’m lucky, these people define me.

They make me who I am.

They help me to feel confident when I doubt myself, and give me strength to keep on pushing on. They make me feel lovable. They see the best in me, and I them.

I love the saying, ‘show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are’ because you’ll know me by my company.

Thank you guys, to those mentioned here and everyone else who touches my life.

This post is for you all today on International Women’s Day and every day.


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56 Responses

  1. Cheryl

    Fab post and agree that women should be encouraging and empowering each other. You’re lucky to have such a long list of friends and supporters! Thanks for hosting #BrillBlogPost x

  2. Debbie

    Hi Vicki, what a nice post celebrating women and you aren’t exaggerating when you say you many in your life. I love what Cheryl Fernandez Versini said in response to girls who are giving her a hard time at the moment; Girls compete with each other, women empower one another…. So very true.


  3. Rachel (Lifeathomewithmrsb)

    Such a positive post! I am very lucky to have some fabulous female friends in my life – plus my awesome sister and my mum. Even my daughter’s inspire me to blog more, to push myself more in other aspects of my life and to just have fun! 🙂 #brillblogposts

  4. Cheryl @ ReimerandRuby

    Wow! what a lovely post! You’re so lucky to have those people around, they sound like a great inspiration to you and you are to them. I see some of my friends come and go, but those that stayed are definitely the truest ones. #brillblogposts

  5. Morgan Prince

    What a lovely post Vicki, it is so heartwarming to see you’re surrounded by beautiful and strong women. I often think that a woman’s relationships with other women is influenced by her mother. Unfortunately for me I don’t have a good relationship (read *no relationship*) with my biological mother and so it has taken me a very long time to learn how to be a good friend and how to make friends. The majority of my friends these days are people I have never met, people I know through blogging. I have one or two real-life friends but I certainly don’t see or speak to them every day. It is something I’m used to, being a shy introvert I don’t communicate very well when I’m with people!
    But anyway… enough of that. I loved this post – it shows that even if you are super busy you can always make time for your friends. Absolutely brilliant! xxx

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you darling and I am so sorry you haven’t got a relationship with your mother, I have a few friends in a similar position who said they had to learn themselves how to build relationships. You are an incredible, supportive, kind and brilliant lady, I hope you know that. I am always touched by the friendship and support you’ve offered me. Thank you for your kind words Morgan and being you xx

  6. Katie

    you are so incredibly lucky to have all these people in your life. Lovely post

  7. Babylists

    Hooray for women! Love this – here’s to gal pals, sistas from another mista, besties, bffs, girly time, pamper sessions, coffee mornings and prosecco evenings. And what a great week with both Mother’s Day and International Womens Day – hail the almighty woman! #brilliantblogposts

  8. Laura @dearbearandbeany

    What a lovely post. Woman can be wonderful and I try to remember that. Unfortunately I have also been on the receiving end of the other side of woman, which I didn’t expect in my 30’s. But i move on and look forward to the day that I have can count more friends than I have fingers. x

    • Honest Mum

      Aw Laura I’m sorry to hear that and I myself have experienced this too and it’s so hurtful when it happens. Important to remember how amazing you are and that it’s other people’s issues, not you xx

  9. absolutely prabulous

    What a spectacular post. Loved so much of it and you’re one lucky lady to have so many strong long lasting relationships. There’s a passion that came through that I loved.
    And then…
    there were the pizzas the size of heads 🙂

  10. New Mummy Blog

    What an amazing post and tribute to your friends and family! You really have such an amazing network of friends and support, just what every girl needs. #brilliantblogposts

  11. Amanda

    what a nice thing to give a shout out to all your gals. I am definitely a girls girl too and have some amazing friends who would do anything for their girls too. My mum said to me recently that i’m going to be broke from having to buy gifts for all my god children haha. xx

  12. Random Musings

    Love this post and love the term womance. We hear all too often of women putting other women down, it’s nice to hear a story about solidarity and raising each other up. Thanks for hosting #brilliantblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you lovely, we need to read more about how positive, encouraging, supportive and vital female friendships are, I love my gals x

  13. Regina L. L. Wells

    Vicki, I love this post. What a fitting tribute to #InternationalWomensDay and to sisterhood! We certainly need more of this in this world. Thank God for our true girlfriends! Thank you!

  14. Babes about Town

    Aww you’re such a sweetheart and what a gorgeous post. You radiate positivity and that’s why so many are drawn to you and your cray-cray sense of humour too. Proud to count myself among your circle and big YAY to female friendships. Women rock! Love you babes xoxo

  15. Mel

    Beautiful, beautiful post ma belle. Friendships are so powerful and other women (and men!) in our lives really define us and make us stronger. xx

  16. Pamela | Life With Munchers

    Aw, that’s lovely….I’m so paranoid when it comes to women. Not the best history! So I find more at home around guys. I do envy what you have. It looks amazing and I’d love to have even just a smidge of that. x

  17. Mama and More aka Zaz

    Oh Vicky, what a wonderful, warm, loving, joyous post, a real tribute to feminine friendships and feminine networks, from family to girlfriends old and new! It can be a challenge to connect with people as we get older, but I’m so happy to be a part of your world and vice versa. An amazing collection of happiness-makers, and above all, supportive and empowering women – long long long may it continue!! Happy IWD2016 Mwah! Xxxx

  18. Ebabee

    LOVE this post. Absolutely love it. I cannot agree more that women are so important to have in your life, to love, to share, to understand to everything! Thank you for the mention – I feel the same about you – so proud to call you a friend and can’t wait to see you soon. xx

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you so much darling Nomita, I love that we clicked the instant we met, so, so lucky to have you and all the girls in my life xx

  19. Andrea Nine

    Vicki, I cannot even tell you how much I loved this post!! You nailed the importance of the women in our lives and what a glorious tribe you have surrounding you! Yes indeed we must lift each other up! Happy IWD 2016 gorgeous lady!!

  20. John Roberts (@dadyougeek)

    Bloody great post Vicky, it is clear you have a great selection of friends, I have only met you once very briefly at Britmums but it is clear to see why you get on with women so well!!

    I have done my own blog for International Women’s Day! But love your take on this!!

    Here’s to more womances!!!


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