A Fitbit Has Changed My Life


Big statement, I know. HUGE. True though.

Well, first-off, to be fair, moving to Windsor, changed my life, my whole family’s lives in fact as it made us all walk more. Whilst we lived in a pretty Yorkshire village before we moved, I didn’t MOVE enough. The country lanes and narrow pavements saw me sticking to the car most days and that inactivity, coupled with writing my book and running this blog, meant I just wasn’t exercising enough. Some weeks I’d just do an hour with one of my besties and former PT, Caroline.

…Removing trigger foods diagnosed via intolerance tests and moving to beautiful Windsor I rack 10,000 steps and often double that, in a day, led to me losing over a stone without even trying (half of that got piled back on over Christmas though but I’m working on losing it again)…

Windsor appears to good for my health. So is my Fitbit. After losing motivation to exercise over the holidays mostly because of  a) wheat, a grain which hates me passionately  and makes me want to sleep all day and is all I ate for 4 weeks ad b) winter clothes conceal the bumps so I’m only now facing the realisation I basically look pregnant. Enter my Fitbit Christmas present and my passion for power walking and running was reignited.

I’ve literally not had it off since Christmas Day (OK not literally, because hello, I do shower people and I can’t for the life of me, get used to wearing it at night however nosy I am to see my sleep pattern) but I’ve not stopped walking since Christmas Day, and that’s despite the blustery weather which just makes me want to move to LA and the extra blub on me, which truth be told just makes me want to stay indoors and feel sorry for my greedy self. I’m a woman of extremes you see and whilst most people have the odd treat over the festive period, I was drinking brandy sauce for fun and eating mince pies for breakfast for 4 weeks. I know!

So, I’m motivated to move again. I’ve added friends and family on the Fitbit and love the cheering and taunting, and I’m truly committed to walking my booty off (not literally, I love my big booty) but the extra pounds from everywhere else can go thanks! I also love feeling accountable to my watch and I love the little fireworks party my Fitbit throws me when I reach 10k steps each day, even if the vibrations never cease to make me jump…Plus, there’s nothing that helps ease my anxiety or low moods than exercise.

…I actually bumped into a heart surgeon randomly in Whole Foods a few weeks ago who told me that exercise is more important than anything else, even food, stress etc. It really stuck with me.

Yes, eat well of course, food is healing and vital, but move that body at every opportunity you have.

Your body will love you for it as will that encouraging little Fitbit on your wrist.

This is not a sponsored post.

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