So after a lot of thought and deliberation, and undoubtedly wanting to utilise my skills as a director, I now bring you daily vlogs on my YouTube channel!

I’m currently on Day 11 but have decided to backtrack and blog each one- and will be doing the same moving forward so my readers on my blog simply don’t miss them.

Hi guys!

I absolutely love how quick and easy vlogs are to make. They take no time at all, I film parts of the day (the camera being on has become part of our natural lives now)- be it family time or my blogging life and then my husband Peter edits the fottage in the evening ready to go live the following day. We’re like a cottage industry here-we shoot, star, produce and edit our own films and it’s so much fun.

I feel seriously excited about this next chapter in my blogging/vlogging career!

I’ve already been asked to speak to 30 clients in a vlogging and filmmaker masterclass before an awards ceremony in 2 weeks. Amazing what picking up a camera and getting creative, can do!

I adore YouTube and have for years-and after several recent meetings both with YouTube UK and US as well as also attending content days at YouTube HQ at Google, I felt it was time to get shooting and ASAP!

As a film and TV director I have worked with some of the finest crews in the world, my work being broadcast on British, US, French and Greek TV as well as winning awards from Channel 4 and film festivals all over the world.

There’s no job so encompassing as that of a director-the whole film from script to screen is your responsibility, and baby. Working on big budget sets was exactly what held me back from YouTube thought. I wasn’t sure I had anything to say in such a quick, accessible format. I think I needed to simply build up my confidence, particularly of me being in front of the camera and leading the narrative rather than always behind firmly behind as a filmmaker.

What I love about vlogs is how raw they are, simply short insights into people’s everyday lives that don’t need crews of a hundred.

I’ve had such wonderful feedback so far and I hope to keep growing as a YouTuber and reaching new, bigger audiences. It feels like an exciting time for me.


Go check out my first one daily vlog here-

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