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No matter how cool, calm and collected we think we might be on a day to day basis (I try, it doesn’t work every day), when it comes to acting in an emergency, panic is inevitable. It’s human nature isn’t it?!

I usually consider myself pretty strong in a crisis, such as the time when Oliver – aged 2 – nearly choked on a bottle lid. He’d never put anything untoward in his mouth before so it was a total shock. I acted quickly, removing it, but the fear, the worry, it sends a chill down my spine just writing about it.

However, whilst I remained as calm as possible in that situation I’ll never forget the day when I slipped on a wet floor whilst holding a baby Alexander, both falling to the floor – in my case legs akimbo like some sort of cartoon character.

Then, I was HYSTERICAL. I couldn’t stop crying, the room was spinning, I even lost all concept of time. Luckily, my husband Peter who works from home, came rushing down the stairs and took us both straight to A&E.

Alexander was fine but I had mild concussion so in the children’s department had to lie down on a small bed and was brought sweet tea.

I was so worried about Alexander I didn’t even realise how bad I felt until I knew he was OK.

Those experiences have made me vow to learn more about first aid training.

No one can predict how they’ll act in an emergency, but ensuring that you’re prepared and armed with first aid knowledge will always help.

When I calmly scooped the bottle lid from Oliver’s mouth, I was confident in what I was doing based on instinct but I really need to attend a first aid course, as my husband did pre-kids. I want to feel I know what is best in an emergency, for my kids and for others.

Would you know what to do if your child had a seizure? I’m not sure I would…

I want to be empowered through a course and also technology.

This is where the Baby and Child First Aid by The Red Cross can prove vital. Research shows that a whopping 70% of kids will end up in A&E at some point during their childhood, so it’s crucial parents are first aid trained and have instant access to accurate and extensive advice.

With the Red Cross app, at a click of a button you have just that.

In an emergency the last thing you want to be doing is working out how to use an app, but luckily the Red Cross’ is super simple to navigate. Just hit the big red emergency button in the middle.

Baby and Child First Aid by British Red Cross

It then takes you to a page of different situations, clearly listed in alphabetical order

first aid by the red cross

Select which applies to your situation and simply follow the steps. The app even comes with useful videos clearly demonstrating what to do in each situation.

child and baby first aid app by the red cross

red cross app

The app is amazing in emergencies; however the best thing that you can do is make sure you are fully prepared for each situation in advance.

preparing for first aidfirst aid app

I’ve been brushing up my knowledge using the app’s ‘prepare’ section and even taking the handy tests to make sure I’ve fully understood the information I’ve just read.

first aid testapp to test your first aid knowledge

And it’s not just the app either, as the Red Cross offer online first aid training and classes too – which I plan to book myself on asap.

The guys at British Red Cross have even come up with this quirky rapping video ‘Rapped Up’ on the campaign’s landing page to raise awareness of the importance of being first aid savvy.

Anything that has tiny tots spitting lyrics like Kanye is a winner in my eyes, especially if it can help save lives too.

So find your first aid swagger and download the FREE Red Cross baby and child first aid app now.

I know I will be.


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