Klearvol Advertorial.

I’m sick of winter and I’m sick of being sick to be honest. These colds are relentless. I need me a beach and some ‘Vitamin Sea’ quick but with Oliver’s ear operation and my filming schedule we’ve not been allowed/ able to fly abroad in order to sun-chase just yet so we’re holding out for Easter. Thank goodness for box sets and Klearvol to get us through this oh so LOOONG winter.

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35 Responses

  1. Orange23

    I always get colds, these sound fab, menthol is great for cold symptoms

  2. Sascha Whitefield

    Every winter the same story at my family – nose congestion, bad sleep, sore throat.
    This is something worth trying.

  3. claire woods

    My son has allergies, which means he often struggles with clear airways. I’d love to see if this helps him.

  4. Nia Robinson

    I’m a first year University student and I would like to see if kearvol could help my sleeping pattern throughout the next years.

  5. Karen Usher

    Perfect, for all the times Im working night shifts and then trying to sleep in the day, its hard enough with the noise from people outside but when you have a blocked nose its impossible!

  6. Debbie Miller

    I have been looking for a product similar to this called Karvol Capsules… It was the only thing that helps me sleep when I had a cold and stuffy head.. We used it for our children too…. This would be invaluable to us as a family. Thank you x

  7. Lisa Wilkinson

    I remember having a product like this when I was little and tried to find it when my daughter was born but it had been discontinued. I’m so pleased there’s a product like this again.

  8. Rebecca Beesley

    being on immunosuppressant drugs, my daughter seems to pick up every cold going so these would certainly come in handy!

  9. Natalie Burgess

    My little family seem to be on a constant loop at the moment with colds so this would bring much needed relief! Xx

  10. Kirsty Thompson

    These sound brilliant. Need something that is suitable for the whole family to use. And would be fab for me and my daughter as we both have hayfever

  11. Ema J Lowe

    we are always getting colds especially our son, hes the one who brings them in the house and passes onto us all

  12. justine meyer

    This would be great for my son who constantly has a blocked nose as well as making the house smell nice!

  13. Elizabeth Paige

    We usually go back to the hospital because of continuous cold and it’s kinda tiring. Will try to find this product and get back to you when we see the result. Thanks!

  14. Michelle Smith

    This would be great for my granddaughter who suffers a lot from colds living in yorkshire, as it’s a lot colder up north.

  15. Laura Pritchard

    I’m never prepared for childhood illnesses or colds! It would be good to have these on standby!

  16. Diane Carey

    Both my granddaughters seem to have been continually poorly over the last few months. So that means I’m catching things off them. I’m just getting over a second viral infection which is lasting 4 weeks at a time. I’m so tired and drained. Would love to try Klearvol to see if it will help us all

  17. Terrie-Ann Wright

    I have a 3 week old who has already had jaundice, conjunctivitis and bronchiolitis. So I’m feeling I may need to stock up on essentials like klearvol to help get us through the rest of the winter and spring months.

  18. fiona waterworth

    My suffers terribly some nights with coughing, we have to use a vick vaporiser to help him sleep, so would love to try these to see if they could help as well

  19. Lindsey Stuart

    I would really like to win because we too are often catching the cold, the sound of pine trees and menthol sounds fantastic. I must say I love the packaging.


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