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Zeit my geist

I’ve long been a fan of Vicki’s work and style so guest-posting here is a total treat and honour.

Thank you Vicki.

For a style post such as this, I wanted to do something fun and relevant for the season ahead.

Summer will soon be upon us, and so if like me you are dabbling with the idea of heading off in search of music and mud, then you will no doubt have visions of boho-luxe grandeur when it comes to your outfit.

But the reality for me is this – I’m a busy Mum (who isn’t?) so I just don’t and won’t have the time to turn into some kind of Woodstockesque babe overnight (sadly).

I need easy; easy with minimal effort involved. But I also want the bits I select to buy to be useful for the whole of summer. So, not just for when I’m dancing in a field. (Which happens surprisingly often.)

Anyhow, regardless of whether the whole ‘watching random bands whilst hanging around in mud’ scene is for you or not, festival fashion is everywhere and I absolutely love it. So, imagine my joy at hitting the high-street this week to find more festival style merchandising going on in shop windows than you could shake a suede fringe at.

I was thrilled.

To be quite honest with you readers, I was a little spoiled for choice for this mission. But I think I did alright … I hope you like what I have chosen.

Here is my outfit modus operandum –

*A touch of colour co-ordination to show effort.

*Something rain AND sun proof.

*A darn good bag

… oh, and flowers in my hair. I’ll be needing the flowers in my hair.

So, let’s start by taking this #MumStyle look from the floor up, shall we?

Hunter Wellington boots? Check. Naturally.

Hunter wellies

Then, an AMAZING dress that costs only £12.99 From H&M. I know, £12.99! Total bargain.

As you can see, my good friend Bec and I are attempting to model these here dresses for you, shown in two different patterns: Bec is wearing navy Stars* and I have gone for the white, red and green Floral print. (If someone could just swipe the prosecco out of our hands then we might actually stand a chance of channelling our inner Gisele here).

festival style

Nope. Clearly, no sign of Gisele just yet.


The three-quarter length arms are perfect for covering your tops of arms and shoulders from long, unprotected stints in the sun, and if you prefer to keep those legs away? No worries, just chuck on a pair of trusty leggings or skinny jeans underneath. Either look is truly fabulous, trust me. (Also, I’m fairly sure that I will continue to wear these dresses long into Autumn along with some lovely thick tights.)

The two jackets I’ve chosen are perfect – Both from H&M, I am wearing a Khaki parka and the lovely Bec is wearing a classic denim jacket – Both are a good solid staple for your summertime wardrobe, so will get heaps of use.

fashion blogger

Now, let’s talk about bags.

Personally, I like to cart the kitchen sink around with me, so I’ve opted for a super stylish white backpack from Accessorize, whilst Bec had gone for an uber trendy little fringed number from Vera Moda at ASOS for lippy and money.

Then, all that’s left to do is to select your favourite hair blooms (Amazing selection at ASOS) – Pop them in and amongst some messy plaits and the jobs a good’en – Festival mums a go-go!


*Please note: the star dress option is current season and is available right now in store, but isn’t online just yet. Also £12.99 from H&M. If you click on the above link for the floral dress, you will see all of the other patterns available – they do tons of different ones and have a pattern for everyone!

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Many thanks again for reading, and to Vicki for hosting this guest post.

Anna xx

Thanks Anna for a super-chic and fun post!

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