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Feeling Healthier Thanks To Changes with AXA Active Plus + Competition

Honest Mum

I see autumn as a chance to start again when it comes to self-care, kicking those ice cream ‘all day every day’ (vegan in my case) summer habits to the kerb, and making good health a priority once more.

Now, I’m not writing this as if I’m some sort of bonafide health guru (if only) but as a busy blogger and mum of two who needs to listen to her own advice more often and eat well and take my vitamins to supplement a healthier diet for myself.

My clothes have been feeling a little tight from scoffing my face all summer long and despite turning vegan 4 months ago, I’ve admittedly indulged in the most unhealthy of vegan treats for weeks (dairy-free pizza anyone #fail).


Healthy Food Choices:

I’ve now decided to stop relying on the quick hit empty carb sugar hits I’ve become accustomed to and am fully focused on getting the best nutrition into me while protecting the animals and planet, of course.

I’ve found a range of health and wellbeing products on AXA Active Plus to help me– it’s a great starting point for inspiration on how you can top-up a better diet and lifestyle and provides you with a chance to buy from their easy to navigate and insightful site.



I had a thyroid operation three months ago and was informed last week by my doctor that cardio is back on the cards so I’ve re-embraced sprinting around Windsor once again and feel so much stronger for it. Time is short as a mumboss but I’ve been finding windows to exercise in my day from running on the school-run (!) and walking as much as possible (I walked the 25 minute journey from Kensington to Paddington station yesterday over the tube) and even cycling under my desk with a home cycle. 



After being diagnosed with anaemia, something I’ve suffered with most of my adult life, I’m back to taking iron and also Vitamin B12 which is crucial for vegans. The BioCare Vitamin B12 found in the bundle below from AXA is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and helps to keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy.

The BetterYou Magnesium Oil (also in the bundle) is absorbed immediately and helps overall wellbeing and relaxation. It’s something I take before bed to help prevent restless nights and insomnia.


I actually suffered from a bout of intermittent insomnia over the summer which honestly, threw me. I understandably often struggle to sleep the night before a shoot due to nerves but I’m not used to lying awake all night, only grabbing a couple of hours but was struck with sleeplessness over a three week period that was draining.

Making small changes such as taking the Magnesium Oil and ensuring I switch off tech and that sleep-thieving blue light from devices, as early as possible has meant returning to full slumber every night now, thankfully.

I’ve also started a gratitude diary I scribble in before resting my head which helps me to reflect on all the positives in my life instead of being consumed with worries and self-doubt. Processing my day via the blog here and listing my blessings each night has helped me to create a more positive mindset and it’s become one of my nightly rituals. 

I’m always chasing my tail with deadlines, after school clubs and playing taxi driver to my kids but after prioritising everyone else but myself and feeling depleted and burnt, I’ve readdressed my needs, diet and exercise routine and feel better for it. I hope this post inspires you to do the same. 

We can’t pour from an empty cup.

So, why not treat yourself or someone who needs some self-care to the Energiser and kickstart a self-care routine this autumn. Dr Arup Paul, deputy chief medical officer at AXA PPP healthcare’s, tips on revitalising your wellbeing regime are also worth a read.

Whether you’re looking to travel, a new mother or into sports, it’s easy to find vitamins that fit your lifestyle. Now’s the time to create healthier habits – new season, new you.

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