Featuring in NIVEA’s #Makemesmile Film & Win A Q10 Products Hamper

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I’m honoured to be working with NIVEA, one of my all-time favourite skincare brands, reviewing their NIVEA Q10 anti-aging collection and also appearing in their latest campaign film with my kids.

I use their products day and night as part of my skincare routine before applying make up and once I’ve cleansed. They even came with me on my recent holiday to Jamaica and I applied their products on the plane journeys.

Although I’m yet to have wrinkles and fine lines (crosses fingers it lasts), I’ve noticed the dark circles under my eyes thanks to my sleep raiders, have definitely diminished since I’ve started using them, and my skin is generally more even and most importantly (and no easy feat with sensitive skin) loves this range, leaving my face nourished, soft and clean…

For those not in the know (Where’ve you been people!) here’s some info on NIVEA-it was created in 1911 (wow) making it one of the most recognised and trusted skin and beauty care brands in the world, pure without parabens or nasties and ideal for sensitive and delicate skin. Check out the timeline below.


It was a great honour to be asked to feature in the film below with bloggers from the UK and Europe, NIVEA selected to represent their brand (I’m officially a NIVEA woman now).

…It was actually my Dad, George, who first introduced me to NIVEA, the round shiny navy tub that sat on my mother’s dressing table, that signature silver foil that covered the thick, white cream beneath, was always used by him (and still is today), my Mum too- a distinct and happy memory of my childhood and a simple message too, to always look after my skin.

For those who read my blog know, family means everything to me, my large extended family whom are Greek and English, living both here and abroad, my husband Peter, and the 2 most important people in my life, very own children: my sons, Oliver and Xander are my absolute ‘reasons to smile’, the theme of this campaign.

The concept of the film is based on research NIVEA conducted which found that, ‘the simple act of smiling takes an average of two years off a person’s age’. How amazing is that?

Smile and laugh more, people, it’s good for your soul and stops aging in its tracks.

My Grandma Vikentia, my father’s Mum, whom I’ve mentioned before, lived until 96 without a single wrinkle.

A worrier yes (she said her job was to worry about her family) but such a happy, strong woman, always laughing, smiling and so content, with a mostly vegetarian Mediterranean diet and great genes. A winning combination.

She would always tell me how much I looked like her as a girl and how similar we are personality-wise.

I miss her everyday and like she did with my brother and I, and later my own children, kissing our photos by her bed as we were separated by oceans, I now kiss her picture by mine…

Making this film was a joy, shooting at my parents’ house before a Sunday lunch there, I read favourite fairytales to my boys, the Brothers Grimm storybook book was the one my own Mum read to my brother and I as kids, and is kept at her house.


One of the most wonderful parts of parenting for me is being able to pass down my own childhood memories and rituals to my kids, reliving my own youth and sharing what made me happy as a child from books to kids’ films and TV, as well as retracing my own steps in parks and on holidays I loved.

As always, while I read to my boys, we laughed lots, the boys argued over who would turn over the pages (as they always do) as my husband Peter, this family’s very own in house production company, filmed us.

You can watch the full, uncut version here too if you like:

The beauty of my husband working with me on filmed and photographic projects, particularly with my kids, means we’re always so relaxed. It’s quick and fun. My boys, as I did at their age, really love being in front of the camera.

I used to beg my Dad to hire VHS cameras as a kid and would pretend I was Kylie Minogue and my brother was Wogan interviewing me.  It’s clearly in the blood.

We’re a fun-loving, pretty loud (bar my husband Peter!) family, who are tactile and happy. We love life and live it to the full, and these kids of mine give me real purpose, and unflinching confidence and ambition to do my very best in life and make it the happiest I can for them and for all of us.

Thank you NIVEA for giving me the chance to share what makes me smile.

…Excitingly, NIVEA are hosting a competition on their Facebook Page as part of #makemesmile where you can win a Q10 product hamper (what a smile-maker if I ever saw one).

Simply submit what makes you smile with confidence HERE with the hashtag #makesmesmile for your chance to win.

Good luck


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