I often think of my far away family and more so now the new baby is nearly here. As a British born Greek Cypriot, my beloved 95 year old Grandma (Yiayia) lives in Cyprus with the majority of my father’s family and my husband is an English South African whose relatives live in Port Elizabeth.

We wish we all lived closer and over the years have had so many memorable holidays in both countries spending time with our loved ones, but travelling certainly get harder with kids.

CyprusBeautiful Cyprus

I made the journey alone (madness) to Cyprus to visit my Grandma when Oliver was 6 months old, determined she wouldn’t miss out on meeting her great grandson and she’s very movingly promised she’ll stay alive for this one. Dad’s family literally live into their hundreds with his own Grandma passing away at 110 (really) so I’m hoping Yiayia will be here for many more years to come.

Just look at how beautiful she is-no wrinkles at 95 and the smartest lady I know.  Despite the distance, we are so close, I’m named after her and she truly understands me, always has, always will.

…Peter’s family visit us annually and we talk frequently on the phone-hats off to them too as my in laws are whizz kids on the computer now so photos and videos go back and forth of their little Oliver and he knows who his grandparents are. I really need to start skyping again the more we can communicate, the better, especially now baby number 2 will be here soon, something I can’t quite yet believe.

So how do you connect with your family far from home?

Photos © Peter Broadbent.

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14 Responses

  1. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Such a lovely post. We just got back from Cyprus, and absolutey loved it again, and am sure will be back very soon! Soooo whta is the skin secret??? Come on, I need to know, after two beautiful girls my skin is slowly losing its freshness and a few wrinkles appearing more and more…
    As you know my folks live in the Czech Republic, and I have been travelling with tiny Isabelle since she was 3 months old, so very used to doing it all by myself, but this summer I managed with both girls one journey on my own, and it was NOT EASY, but would and will do it again as I believe they need to see my family as often as possible 😉

    • honestmum

      @Mirka well done lovely, not sure I can do it alone with two but we are superwomen so who knows! So glad you loved Cyprus, it’s a beautiful country x P.S Do not believe you have any wrinkles.

  2. Babes about Town

    Your Yiayia is awesome! I can just imagine you two together, getting up to all sorts of mischief 😉

    My family are scattered all over too and I know what you mean about how much harder it is to travel with the kids. Hoping to get to see my mama in Nigeria before the end of the year somehow – it’s been almost 2 years now!

    My mum-in-law is planning her first trip back in years to see her parents in New Zealand. We’ve been wanting to visit them too so they can meet their latest grandkids, but it’s just so far away! Definitely email, Skype and with many of my extended family Facebook is the way!

    • honestmum

      @Babes about Town, wow amazing to have family all over the world but yes downside is the distance. Love that my yiayia can look at pics on FB-at nearly a 100 technology has changed so much! Hope you get to NZ one day as friends say it is magical!

    • honestmum

      @Jacqui thank you honey, her skin is seriously amazing-great diet, stays out of the sun and she uses rose water for perfume. How cool is that!

  3. Mari

    Aw your Yiayia is adorable and looks very wise, I’m sure she knows you inside out too. My own grandma is 92 and going strong.
    I have two older kids who live in Italy and that is hard to be far away from them but I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing them again on Friday and making the most of a long weekend.
    Google hangouts are good too for keeping in touch 😉

    • honestmum

      @Mari thank you sweetie and can imagine the distance is hard but all those lovely holidays visiting must be super. Thanks for google hangout tips-despite being 95, my Yiayia is one modern lady x

  4. Super amazing MuM

    Beautiful post, I am captivated by your grandmothers eyes..they are so soulful, stunning!

    Modern technology is great. Skype is awesome

    Have a good day!



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