Forcing Family Photos in Windsor Since 2017!


I’ve been forcing family photos in front of pretty doors in Windsor since we moved here in 2017!

We’re not quite sure who lives in this floral-adorned beauty of an abode or if it’s even used as a house at all. It might well be an office. It does boast a royal coat of arms beneath its mammoth silk flower wreath/border and sits proudly on the street beside Windsor Castle so it’s no doubt an important landmark of some sort (answers on a postcard or in the comments if you know)!

My husband Peter dashed across the road to snap this shot after much fawning over the flowers, and whilst I feel my face and body is (naturally) fuller post Florence, so is my heart so I share these pictures with pride. This is my family. This is my world.

Next time we will kindly ask a tourist to take the shot so Peter can feature in it too. He’s not a fan of having his photo taken but I’m slowly encouraging him to appear beside us more. These are the days of our lives after all and I want to document him in them.


Much love to all, I hope you’re happy and well x

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