Honest Mum holds Bassets Vitamins

Family Fun Outdoors with Bassetts Vitamins


Commissioned Post.

Honest Mum holds Bassets Vitamins

We love the great outdoors! With the beautiful Yorkshire Dales on our doorstep, it would be rude not to right?!

Don’t get me wrong, we love a Netflix sesh as much as the next family but we’re also firm believers in the importance of play and adventure in our kiddies’ upbringing.

We’re also lucky to have a decent sized garden (one of the reasons we left London for the countryside) and neighbouring parks too.

We’ve been taking advantage of the recent warm weather and heading outside for afternoons of family fun and memory-memories good times, even if that’s means kicking a ball around or enjoying the swings in the garden. The simple things hey.

boys playing football



This family’s love for all things alfresco means I’m incredibly excited to be working with Bassetts Vitamins on their ‘Family Life with More Colour’ campaign! With their nutritionally-balanced supplements for all ages, they are helping the whole family live an active and healthy lifestyle.

So how does your family stay active outdoors?

Here in the Broadbent household, I live with two sports-mad little ones who love nothing more than doing a Ronaldo in our garden or playing tennis together Murray brother style, in nearby tennis courts.

I usually take on the role of spectator, cheerleader and refreshment provider all rolled into one, ready to keep my boys cool and refreshed.

Both boys actually took home Gold at the school Sports Day before the end of term which made me one proud mama indeed. I must say I was just as proud when Oliver took home the Bronze last year too (and whether they get medals or not never matters to me). I mean I came 4th in the Mums’ race so I’m all about, ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ ie #badloser 😉 here!

…Seriously, though, the boys, like myself and my husband, Peter, love keeping fit and active and there’s nothing more fun than us all taking part in activities outdoors as a family.

child with a ball


kicking football

Take the endlessly energetic Tig, one of this family’s most favourite games and one I played myself as a youngster.  We love it and usually all end up in a heap on the grass laughing- as I can never quite catch those nifty kids and they think it’s hilarious!


playing football with the kids

I love a go on the swing as well, even if the kids shout at me to let them have a turn too.

Sorry boys!


We’re also rather green fingered here as well with our very own vegetable and herb patch in the garden. Perhaps it’s my inner hippy but I get a glorious buzz from cooking and eating our homegrown fruit and veg. Nothing tastes quite as delicious as ingredients you’ve planted and nurtured yourselves.

Both my boys are master gardeners in charge of daily watering and plucking ripe veggies (tomatoes, beans. carrots and strawberries at the mo) and seeing their proud faces as they pick a shiny, plump tomato is all kinds of special!

Here’s Oliver running with a runner bean (ha)! taken last summer!


Now folks, if you’re in need of some inspiration for outdoor activities for yourself and the whole family, do check out the Bassetts Vitamins website  as they’ve got tonnes of super suggestions on their site with everything from nighttime treasure hunts to making a pinhole camera, you’ll never be stuck for fun and healthy ideas again.

…To keep up with our own active lifestyles, we enjoy Bassetts Vitamins every day.

My eldest Oliver is a fussy eater and my husband Peter doesn’t eat meat, so daily vitamins are essential to ensure our bodies have everything they need to be healthy.


cute child

…And fortunately, I have little trouble getting the kids to take their vitamins as Bassetts Vitamins are deliciously soft and chewy with a tasty liquid version for younger children too. Both boys have used them since they were 6 months old.

And rest assured mamas – as Bassetts Vitamins contain only natural flavours and colours with no added sugar! 🙂

Xander and Oliver love the Multivitamins + Omega 3 blackcurrant and apple for 3-6 and when Oliver turns 7 next year, he’ll move onto the 7-11 multivitamins.

I simply adore the Bassetts Vitamins multivitamins for myself and Peter. which come in my all-time favourite fruit flavours: raspberry and pomegranate.

It’s such a joy to eat these daily.


For more information on Bassetts Vitamins do head to their website, Twitter or Facebook .

kids cuddling

We also made a film too so don’t miss it below.

This post was commissioned. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

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