Dina Maktabi, a local mum of 2 is a Kensington mum who set up Kensington Mums in 2011. Since its launch, Kensington Mums has proved to be a vital support network for the community where Mums can connect, share parenting tips and capture all those invaluable word of mouth recommendations. Not even one year after its launch, Kensington Mums made it into the Top 100 winner of the 2012 Business Mum Award.

Dina enjoys reaching out to local Mums, for her it is a rewarding experience helping new Mums not to feel alone in a haze of milky delight once they come home with their little bundle of joy. When asked what is the idea behind the motherhood exhibition she replied ‘As a Mum myself, I can relate to the ups and downs of Motherhood. To me motherhood is the most exhausting yet most rewarding job (I only wish we could get paid for being a full time mama!). So what better way to share the many different motherhood journeys than to exhibit them’.

This unique exhibition will showcase and support mums to develop and share their own motherhood stories using their own personal pictures which to them illustrate the definition of motherhood. Dina adds, ‘I want Mums to celebrate Mother’s Day every day! This day should be celebrated because so many Mother’s work super hard all year round and rarely get the merit they deserve. Nurturing and celebrating ourselves is the first step towards nurturing and bringing joy to others. We are not just Mums; we are more than a Mum’.

The exhibition itself aims to engage a wide community of UK and international mums from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The legacy will be increased social awareness of mums’ creative role and value. Dina welcomes ALL Mums to take part in this honest exhibition whether they are grandparents, single mums and teenage mums or widowed. This exhibition will be part of the ‘Story of Mums, mums making an exhibition of ourselves’ with events taking place in Milton Keynes and Penzance, all the way to the Museum of Motherhood in New York.

This FREE event is taking place on the 7th of June 2013 at Beaufort House, Chelsea.

To participate or attend you must email info@kensingtonmums.co.uk as there are limited places available.

Kensington Mums is on Twitter @KensingtonMums, on Facebook, Pinterest, You Tube and Instagram. www.kensingtonmums.co.uk

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