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So yesterday saw me head to Manchester for a special meeting with renowned modelling agency Nemesis.

One of the biggest modelling agencies in the UK, they’ve discovered and made famous so many British stars of today including Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow, Melanie Sykes, Vernon Kay, Michelle Keegan along with literally hundreds of top models and as of yesterday, they’re also representing little old me!

Vicki-Honest Mum

Granted it’s all a little bit crazy, but I’ve been signed as a model to Nemesis and also as on screen talent and blogger to their sister talent agency, Urban Talent (who look after Blue Peter presenter Barney Harwood among lots of actors) and I’m pretty bowled over by it all. They’ve introduced me on their site HERE and I’m their first blogger signing!

I’ve absolutely loved the modelling work that’s come from blogging and want to thank luxury bag brand Nova Harley for (literally) ‘discovering’ me when I reviewed and modelled their Manhattan bag over on my style blog earlier this year.

The photo they liked was this shot below which Peter grabbed in 2 minutes, while my Mum held a whining Alexander! The joys of juggling!


Nova read my post and kindly hired me on the spot. I’ll never forget dancing around the living room with my eldest Oliver, when I got that email! I was in total shock!

33 at the time (now 34) with two kids, I didn’t think professional modelling would be on the cards at this point in my life, I really didn’t.

I modelled a bit in my late teens and although it’s always been a bit of a dream of mine like most girls growing up, I never thought it would prove regular and in my 30’s too.

It’s all a bit lovely but I promise you I’ve never let any of it go to my head nor would I. I see it as part of my blogging career and a truly fun part of my business.

Here are some shots from Nova Harley’s S/S Campaign earlier this year-

(All of the below taken by Kirsty Mattsson of Kirsty Mattsson Photography)


modelling shoot

…And it’s all been a bit of whirlwind…Since working with Nova Harley, I featured in their catalogue, on their site (new one will be launched soon),  their social media, in editorial and ads including British Vogue, Grazia Daily for my column and other press,  and in department stores worldwide!

…I’ve also modelled for British boutique brand Fever London, have a weekly feature in Grazia Daily where I blog what I’m up to each week and I have appeared in various campaign films for brands I love- my favourite is the bareMinerals film you can watch below:

I really feel comfortable in front of the camera, a 360 (literally) from directing but my skills as a filmmaker really do help! They make me feel confident and relaxed on film and the fact I know what directors and photographers need along with the technical side, makes a difference I’ve been told, when it comes to speed and professionism.

modelling for Fever London

…Oh and I also had a full page recently in the Jacques Vert Magazine which went into department stores in the UK and direct to their customers with deliveries that was rather awesome too!

Blogging flipping rocks doesn’t it?!

…Looking forwards, the agency want to arrange a shoot for me with new shots for my modelling card, portfolio and the site in the new year which is exciting. I also have another campaign booked with Nova Harley for early next year, a collaborative shoot with 3 other major brands (2 global-eek) and I just can’t wait! I also love the brand ambassador side to my work for Nova Harley.

The recent shoot for A/W was so much fun and even better, my own husband, Peter was hired to photograph me. I think we make a good team and he’s been booked for the next shoot too! Go Pete!


So having Nemesis and Urban Talent looking after me has come at the right time as I feel I need management to help support the various ways my career is branching out and to have leading agents help me along this path, means a lot.

Black and White Modelling shot

They’ve actually just announced me as their first blogger signing on their site too! I love how valued bloggers have become!

Nemesis actually represent both my sons as models and have done for a while, so I just need to persuade Pete and they’ll have the whole family on their books!

Child models

So back to yesterday, I nervously (I know to some of you, you’ll find that hard to believe but I REALLY was nervous) made my way to the swanky Nemesis offices for tea .. and was taken on by two brilliant, dynamic and successful agents Alex and Liz, who will now be looking after the modelling/ presenting and ‘live action’ part of my career.

We plotted some exciting developments and after filling in forms and being measured (first time I’ve ever been measured)- I loved that agent Alex made me feel really confident though, at 5’6″ and a size 10-12, it’s fabulous to see how much they want to reflect all sizes on their books (she kept telling me what an amazing figure I have with curves in all the right places-gave me a real confidence boost) even if I felt pretty short next to the 6 foot models also in the office! Those girls and guys really are complete knock-outs!

Leaving the offices, it started to rain (it is Manchester after all) and hiding under a canopy of a nearby grocers, I reflected on my blogging journey so far… Starting as a place to rediscover my voice after a traumatic birth with my first child, Oliver, feeling lost and alone, it has empowered me in so many ways, it’s been my  full time job for over two years, has brought me great friendships and has become such a huge, vital part of my life that brings my family and I,  so much joy…

It’s a dream job and one I work really hard at and feel grateful for each and every day. A career that’s grown with me.

I love the creativity of it all, the fusion of photography, journalism and film, the thrill and immediacy of blogging, the fact I get to write day in and day out for a living in a space I created and control that is all mine, working with brands I admire, and more than anything, connecting with you guys. Instantly. And it all started with my first reader, my Mum. Aw!

Blogging has truly brought equality to the workforce for so many women like myself, it’s given us a strong voice, a presence, a place to be noted and counted, a chance to share and create change and I can’t wait to see what the future holds as this field continues to explode.

I have no grand expectations, I simply love what I do and want it to continue.

Thanks for reading, commenting, listening and supporting. I couldn’t do any of this without you.


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146 Responses

  1. thefolia

    How Super! Is that an Orbit stroller/car seat in the photo? I am trying to sell my husband on it and would love to know your thoughts if it is in fact yours.

    • Honest mum

      Thanks very much it’s an iCandy actually that’s mine x
      Honest mum recently posted…Win an Appy Drinks and Toy HamperMy Profile

  2. Michelle Twin Mum

    Oh my word, how life is chnaging for you Vicki, massve well done on all these new avenues you are exploring. Mich x
    Michelle Twin Mum recently posted…Visiting Surrey with the family – 6 great days outMy Profile

  3. Yvette @ Big Trouble in Little Nappies

    Wow that’s great news Vicki! Love the photos – you look fab and you and your boys look like total pros 🙂 Congratulations and have a lovely Christmas. #MBPOTW
    Yvette @ Big Trouble in Little Nappies recently posted…How To Party Like a Mother at ChristmasMy Profile

  4. Jenny

    WOW congratulations you have done so many amazing things and 30 is young you have a lot more time to enjoy your modelling and everything else you got going on lovely. So proud of you!
    Jenny recently posted…Blogging changed my lifeMy Profile

  5. Tanita

    Congratulations, what an amazing journey you are on. I love how you have made a lifelong and sustainable career out of something you love, from every post you write i can really see how much you enjoy what you do. Its great to read, and to see how far you have come. Congratulations to you, and thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us, it is very inspiring. Tanita x

  6. Melodie

    What an amazing and inspiring story, your journey is truly fascinating and you deserve it. Looking gorgeous in your pics lady. Congrats xxx
    Melodie recently posted…A Weekend At Woodlands WindermereMy Profile

  7. JoyandPops

    What a fantastic journey – huge congratulations!!
    I take my hat off to you, being in front of the camera is terrifying for me!! You look such a natural in these pictures!
    JoyandPops recently posted…Long Lost New Year’s ResolutionsMy Profile

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, bet you’d be fab in front of the camera, I think like anything, the more you do it, the less it’s scary and some nerves are great. Bit nervous for next shoot but excited too xx

  8. MummyandMonkeys

    Congratulations, nemesis is a fantastic agency to be with. I used to model in late trend, early twenties. So exciting that you have picked it up again! Good luck with it xx

  9. Maria (notyouraveragebaby)

    I’ve only discovered your blog in the last few months but it’s already one of my favourites. You’re an absolute inspiration and deserve everything that’s coming your way. Merry Christmas! Maria x

  10. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    Wow…just wow! How utterly amazing at what has come out of you starting a blog. Massive well done to you and I hope you enjoy every moment in the limelight 🙂 #BrillBlogPosts
    Lisa (mummascribbles) recently posted…Review: Tappy Octopus Tap Guard & Bath ToyMy Profile

  11. Mim @

    It’s so lovely to see all of these beautiful photos in one place! What a wonderful journey you’ve been on – and now an exciting new avenue. Can’t wait to see how things go! Mim 🙂 #BrillBlogPosts
    Mim @ recently posted…Blogmas Day 17 – A Sweet Christmas Gift Idea!My Profile

  12. MylifeMylove

    Wow, that’s amazing. What super opportunities that have arisen from doing something that you love. Congrats hun, you deserve it, you’re pretty fabulous! Ali xx
    MylifeMylove recently posted…Mindful Monday ~ Wk 5My Profile

  13. Caro | The Twinkles Momma

    Bloody marvellous!! Well done lovely — you deserve it!! 🙂 Really fantastic news!!

    I art directed for almost 15 years, so have spent my working life on the other side of the camera and although it can be hard work, it’s such a fun industry. I met some of my dearest friends on a shoot!!

    So happy to see that you really can have it all! Fantastic! X
    Caro | The Twinkles Momma recently posted…100 weeks and 2 days | 21 months today! Siblings {December}My Profile

    • honestmum

      Aw thanks sweetie, amazing you were an art director, loved working with art directors on set and for print shoots, still so close with tonnes of friends I met through filmmaking too, brilliant industry x
      honestmum recently posted…Beautiful Blow DriesMy Profile

  14. Jane

    Congratulations Vicki! What an absolute stellar year you are having. All your hard work has definitely paid off. Where to next?? The mind boggles…x
    Jane recently posted…You Learn Something New EverydayMy Profile

  15. Coombemill

    I’m so pleased for you, this is a wonderful progression on your blooming blogging career. it is a pleasure to know you and watch you flourish.
    Coombemill recently posted…Silent Sunday / Project 52My Profile

  16. Becky

    Oh congratulations that is really great!
    Becky recently posted…Soft Toys for Education: Ikea, Unicef and Save the ChildrenMy Profile


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