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We all lead busy lives, right?

From dawn to dusk, the whole Broadbent family are busy bees, working hard and playing even harder ;)!

My sons, Oliver, 7, and Xander, 4, zip between school and nursery respectively and then onto their extra-curricular activities (IT and drama classes midweek with swimming on a Sunday), while my husband Peter and I juggle our busy careers with parenting and running a household. I’m tired just writing that!

That’s the thing, I am pretty tired and part of the problem is putting self-care at the bottom of my agenda be it getting enough sleep, consistently eating healthily and recently, not drinking enough water.

I’m not alone, either. Brand new research by Robinsons reveals that a whopping 85% of adults and 72% of children aged 5-12 years are failing to drink the recommended daily intake of fluids for their respective age groups.

So how much water should we be drinking, exactly?

For adult men, it’s 1.8 – 2 litres and for women, 1.4 – 1.6 litres. For children, it varies based on age. For example, 2-3 year olds should drink between 0.9 – 1 litre per day and for 4-8 year olds, it’s 1.1 – 1.3 litres. You can find a full list of fluid requirements for children here.

To help families meet those targets, Robinsons have launched their fab new Fruit Drop, a door to door delivery service to help families stay refreshed by drinking more water.

Robinsons new fruit drop service to keep families hydrated

Robinsons Fruit Drop service

Robinsons Squash'd

The research is inspiring with 49% of the parents asked, stating they noticed a positive change in their child’s behaviour when they drank enough fluid. Parents remarked that their child had more energy (30%), greater concentration (29%), motivation (21%) and the ability to engage (19%) when drinking enough. There are of course other well-documented benefits to drinking more water as we need it to survive.

As parents, it’s important that not only do we drink enough water for our own health but also for our kid’s too as our life choices heavily influence theirs. The Robinsons research revealed that two-thirds of parents say their children copy their healthy drinking habits when they choose to drink water, herbal tea or low/no added sugar squash, so we must set an example.

Making squash

Robinsons diluted squash

Thankfully, getting kids to drink more water has never been easier thanks to Robinson’s new Fruit Drop service with their 30-day supply of diluting no added sugar fruit squash and 0% sugar Squash’d delivered straight to your door.

There are so many delicious fruity flavours to try from peach to summer fruits and my personal favourite, lemon and pink grapefruit and both my boys are big fans.

Here they are guzzling down the delicious squash to get their creative juices flowing during an afternoon of colouring-in last weekend.

Drink more water
Young boy enjoys Robinsons Fruit Juice

Keep kids hydrated with Robinsons Fruit Drop

Kids enjoy Robinsons squash

Colouring in while enjoying Robinsons fruit juice

Get the creative juices flowing with Robinsons

an afternoon of colouring in

Family fun with robinsons

Thanks Robinsons!

The service will initially be trialled via the Mumsnet network and 100 Mumsnetters can sign up to receive a wooden crate with:

* Robinsons Orange and Pineapple Single Concentrate 1l

* Robinsons Peach Fruit & Barley Single Concentrate 1l

* Robinsons Lemon & Grapefruit Single Concentrate 1l

* Squash’d Orange 66ml

* Squash’d Apple and Blackcurrant 66ml

* Squash’d Summer Fruits 66ml

The pilot will last for one month. To find out more go to the Robinson’s website.

And don’t forget I’m running a competition to win a Thirsty Fun Day for a family of 4 which you can enter here!

Good luck folks!

This is a commissioned post.


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