eco friendly make up remover pads

Eco-Friendly, Washable Make-Up Remover Pads

ecoi make up remover padsI’ve made a conscious decision to question my consumer choices over the past few years and while I aim to be as eco-friendly as possible in every area of my life, I’d never previously given much thought to my usual cotton wool make up remover pads, assuming disposable was the only way.

In a bid to rehaul my beauty routine earlier on in lockdown (I’ve always been a fan of DIY and natural beauty) favouring gentle products and more minimal make up day-to-day, I discovered the brand ecoi and their bamboo cotton resuable pads that look and feel exactly like the disposable cotton wool pads I previously used (as they’re also cotton) yet these are washable and long-lasting.

reusable make up remover pads

I’m so impressed, I even bought my Mum a set and she’s not looked back either. The pads come with a pretty green storage bag as well as a net laundry bag to protect them when you wash them. I have to admit I usually bung them into the washing machine with other white pieces at 30 degrees and don’t bother with the bag. They always come out sparkling and as strong as they were on first use.

eco friendly reusable make up remover pads

Check out the product description on Amazon below and importantly, their zero waste promise.

You can find them here.

resuable make up remover pads

Let me know if you buy them!

  • Includes: 10 x 8cm (3.15″) Bamboo Cotton Pads, 10 x 6cm (2.36″) Bamboo Cotton Pads, 1 x Storage Bag, 1 x Laundry Bag.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY QUALITY: Made from ethically sourced, premium quality bamboo cotton.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Our unique triple layer design features a luxuriously soft velour bamboo cotton side that glides over the skin whilst effectively cleaning, and terry bamboo cotton on the other side of the pad for a deeper, exfoliating cleanse. A stitched centre ensures the material doesn’t bunch up and prolongs the life of your pads.
  • ZERO WASTE: As consumers ourselves, we noticed that products such as toners, moisturisers and cleansers would just absorb into other reusable bamboo cotton pads, requiring the use of more product to compensate. So, we created ours with a unique structure; the center of the pad is lined with a non-absorbent fabric that acts as a barrier to prevent your product (toner, moisturiser .etc) from being absorbed too far into the bamboo cotton.

The pretty flower wreath in the first image was a kind gift from the beautiful Bloom and Willow. You can order yours here.

This is not a sponsored post.

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