As a female adult, guidelines state I should drink 1.4-1.6 litres of water each day. As a busy mumboss with 2 young kids, and a ton of deadlines to meet, in reality, I drink far less.

Or make that, I used to drink far less…

I’ve been working with Robinsons over the last month and thanks to their fab new Fruit Drop service, the whole Broadbent family have been drinking the recommended amount of water each and every day! Yay!

mum pours Robinsons squash for her child

dinner time

So what exactly is Robinsons Fruit Drop? Well, just in case you missed my last post, here’s the lowdown…

Robinsons Fruit Drop is a fab new door to door service that delivers a 30-day supply of diluting no added sugar fruit squash and 0% sugar Squash’d delivered straight to your door in a wonderful wooden crate that means you don’t need to lug bottles back from the supermarket.

Robinsons Fruitdrop

Pretty amazing huh?! So easy and convenient.

Robinsons Fruit Drop

With so many delicious flavours in the range from lemon and pink grapefruit, apple, peach and summer fruits, it’s easy to drink your daily quota of water, something vital for big and little ones, alike. The boys alternated between drinks and adored every flavour with Xander, 4, declaring his favourite was ‘peach because it’s so delicious’ and Oliver plumping for, ‘ the orange and pineapple which tastes so fruity’.

child eats dinner with Robinsons squash

drinking squash

kids eat their lunch

I adore this photo of Oliver sipping his squash at lunchtime. I’ve never seen that face over water, before!

child drinks Robinsons squash

There are so many health benefits to drinking more water and Robinsons offered a refreshing break when we enjoyed a Robinsons Thirsty Fun Day Out a few weeks ago. For our Thirsty Fun Day Out, we headed to our local trampoline centre, Jump Arena in Kirkstall, Leeds (read all about it here) where we jumped, bounced, played and even danced around the venue together, enjoying Robinsons as we went. I simply added the Robinsons Squash’d in Citrus (no added sugar) drops on-the-go into our water bottles so we could stop and drink whenever we needed to. Easy peesy, lemon squeezy!


The Robinsons Squash’d were perfect for car journeys too, long and short. As soon as we get into the car, the first things the kids request is a drink so keeping one of these waiting with their water bottles made my life easier, particularly on half term when we found ourselves dashing to and from play dates, cinema visits and time spent visiting friends and family far from home.

Below is the summer fruits flavour.

Robinsons Squash'd

child drinks squash in the car

Robinsons Squash'd

…Getting the boys to drink more water has honestly, never been easier.

Robinsons Squash'd

drinking in the car

Having used Robinsons Fruit Drop service for several weeks, we can’t recommend it enough!

Have you tried it yet?


The service will initially be trialled via the Mumsnet network and 100 Mumsnetters can sign up to receive a wooden crate with:

* Robinsons Orange and Pineapple Single Concentrate 1l

* Robinsons Peach Fruit & Barley Single Concentrate 1l

* Robinsons Lemon & Grapefruit Single Concentrate 1l

* Squash’d Orange 66ml

* Squash’d Apple and Blackcurrant 66ml

* Squash’d Summer Fruits 66ml

The pilot will last for one month. To find out more go to the Robinsons website.

This is a commissioned post.


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11 Responses

  1. John Adams

    We’re tried out the Fruit Deop service as well. The Squash’d drinks are amazing. I’d also have to say I have drunk more water as a result of a adding a drop of Robinsons. Although I’m a big water drinker, it does make it all the more appealling. Your boys certainly seem to be making the most of Robinsons as well!

  2. Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas

    Drinking water is so important, and we have been always encouraging our girls. Most of the time I get them drink just plain, but they often complain…. like the sound of the Robinsons Squash’d! Need to check it out! x

      • Diane Ribeiro

        I have a big problem drinking water (just do like plain water) but have started putting a cap full in a 1.5 lts water bottle and find that I am drinking much more as am trying to lose weight, I know it’s not the best but only way for me consume more liquids.

        Is this a good alternative to compensate drinking plain water?

        Grateful for comments and recommendations.

      • Honest Mum

        I love Robinsons and find it’s a great alternative to water (which I also drink). Aim for 2 lts of water a day which helps with bloating and weight loss.

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