Drastic Self-Care Measures

What a month it’s been… Acute tonsillitis followed by flipping thyroiditis, the latter I’m still suffering from and it’s freaking painful and exhausting.

Last year was relentless as I juggled a busy blogging career with writing a book along with the usual family commitments, unwell relatives, the loss of my aunt which broke my heart in two, and generally not looking after myself in any shape or form as I was too busy looking after others, running on empty in the process and feeling weak and burnt out.

That my friends has no doubt led to this viral and bacterial double whammy.

It’s funny because I slowed the heck down this year, made huge changes to my work and personal life yet the bugs still bit me on the booty. Doctor friends informed me that once you slow down, so does your immune system and BOOM, illness hits. ARRRGH! I thrive on being busy and have the craziest energy levels like my Dad, but even we busy bees can be too busy, stressed and knackered and need to know when to STOP.

My third baby, my Mumboss book is out next week and I literally can’t wait to promote it, tour and generally enjoy getting my art out into the world (the theme of the entire book) but I’m also going to be looking after myself as much as possible, and I’ve already started.

I’m rethinking everything I eat, moving to a mostly plant-based diet, I’m switching off when I say I will, I’ve already changed my work schedule so that’s sorted thankfully and I’m being strict about who receives my time and energy.

I never want to feel this shit again.

I never want to put myself last in the pecking order because in doing so I’m no use to anyone. My family is my life. I live for them but being too ill to take my kids to school is something I won’t repeat.

I never want to punish myself and feel that I don’t deserve to nourish myself with good food, company or experiences.

I never want to feel unworthy again.

It’s now time to implement regular yoga with nights out with the girls and day dates with my husband. Consistently.

It’s time to write in a gratitude diary every single night before I shut my eyes to increase positive well-being. I treated myself to the self-care package below from my pal Hannah’s beautiful business Apples & Pips which has uplifted me since the day it arrived.

Apple & Pips self-care package

To picking up paint brush so my heart can sing.

It’s time to schedule more holidays and weekends away, spa days and doing nothing days.

We loved every minute at Kempinski Bahia recently.

To drinking less wine and more herbal tea.

To regular healing reflexology and time to chill out.


It’s time to get ruthless about anything that makes me unhappy, depleted and overtired. To FREAKING live with a capital L.

I stopped caring a long time ago what people who don’t know me think of me and it’s liberating. I want to continue in that vein, using myself as my moral compass and depending on those I trust to help guide me as we all constantly keep growing and improving.

It’s time to stop the guilt so as self-care gets a look-in and becomes a priority.

We owe it to ourselves and our families.

I never want to feel this shit again.

Who’s with me?

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Drastic Self-Care Measures

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