Honest Mum and Function of Beauty products

Customised Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner

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Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner

When the vegan and cruelty-free brand Function of Beauty kindly approached me to choose a bespoke shampoo and conditioner set that would meet my hair’s varied needs, I was intrigued to see how my thick and long tresses would fare with them.

Function of Beauty are a personalised hair care brand based in the US who ship to us in the UK and the rest of Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, delivering promptly, and their website is one of the most comprehensive and detailed hair product sites I’ve ever seen.

Honest Mum and Function of Beauty products

An easy to navigate, bold and beautiful site from which to order from, you land on Function of Beauty’s homepage and firstly take a 2 minute hair quiz, hitting buttons which match your hair texture and goals, enabling Function of Beauty to determine your requirements and sensory preferences, ensuring the end-product created and delivered will be perfectly suited to your hair.

My profile was curly in type and medium in texture with normal scalp moisture.

I then tapped that my hair goals were anti-ageing, curl definition, oil control (as while it’s usually normal, the last few weeks have seen it become more oily post- TV shoots where more products were piled on for greater shine) and I also requested that I wanted to help fix split ends.

I opted for the sweet spring fragrance of Cherry bl(awsome) which smells like walking through Kyoto Gardens in Japan.

You can opt for a fragrance-free product if you prefer, too and you choose the colours you’d like too. How cool is that?

I opted for pink and grey to match the decor of my bathroom and home (ha) and you can even personalise the bottles with your name. I went for Honest Mum (so no one else in my family nicks them)!

Honest Mum

Pretty bottles aside, most importantly, there are no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, GMOs or any other harmful ingredients in them (and you know how much natural beauty matters to me), and they REALLY WORK! I found the twosome consistently enhance, revive and care for my thick, long hair.

From first use, and thanks to the bespoke formula made just for me, my hair felt softer, looks healthier and is easier to style than ever.

I left my hair naturally curly here and you can see how thick, full and bouncy it looks. The bottles also look super cute which is SO important ;)!

Honest Mum and Function of Beauty products

When it comes to using the items, the shampoo lathers up quickly and you only need a small amount of product (even with long hair) so they’re good value to boot, and will last.

The shampoo and conditioner smelt of jasmine and cherry blossoms as the names suggests making my hair smell sweet and fresh. A friend actually enquired if I’d changed my perfume yesterday but I wasn’t wearing any-it was my hair!

I honestly can’t recommend Function of Beauty more highly. Get these products in your life, pronto!

Function of Beauty

A shampoo and conditioner set (473 ml each) is £39 (best value) or £29 for a set of two at 236 ml each, and for £12 you will receive a travel set of 4 pastel hued bottled, hair ties and a free gift (mine was a make up bag-I love the body lotion and body wash travel bottles too and they come with squirty tops if you prefer those)!

Function of Beauty bag

Excitingly, you can get 20% off your custom order with my code HONESTMUM.

Function of Beauty

Right, I’m off to swish my hair! so see you all in 2 hours ;)!!

This is a sponsored post but as always my words are honest.

Function of Beauty

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