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Creative Lives: An Interview with Blogger & Vlogger Al Ferguson from The Dad Network

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Welcome to Creative Lives: An Interview With…my new feature that will share the experiences of inspiring men and women leading creative lives. People who are working in the media and the arts, creating, communicating, touching and transforming.

I adore my Wonderful Women interview strand on the blog and this will of course continue, but I wanted to host a brand new monthly feature too, one that is inclusive (hi boys!) and hopefully uplifting.

Here, folks will share their pearls of wisdom on creating their dream jobs- and life- to help others follow suit.

I’m honoured to kick this series off with the simply brilliant, viral sensation with substance, Al Ferguson of The Dad Network!

Al of the dad network-Daddy blogger and vlogger

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How did you pursue and achieve your dream job/life?

I think that for me, I kind of stumbled into what I’m doing now. Having been a teacher for 6 years, I was getting frustrated with it and thought that the blog I was running along side, as a hobby, was doing really well. Once I saw the potential escape from teaching, combined with the realisation that I could spend more time with Ted, it was a no brainer to work hard into the evenings to get the blog to a point where I could make the transition from teaching to blogging. The dream part is definitely spending more time with Ted. 


What are the advantages to working in the field you do?

There are plenty of advantages, but none less than the flexibility of working from home, for myself. I can take Ted to classes, clubs and days out. I manage my own time, so if I need to catch up because Ted and I went to the park, I can work into the evenings or at weekends. 


What are the biggest challenges you face as a creative?

The challenges are to maintain creativity. Having to think of new post & video ideas is constant. Whilst this is a challenge, it’s also the fun part.


How do you deal with the inevitable ups and downs of leading a creative life?

I tend to just push them to the back of my head. Or I go out for a run or cycle to clear my head, which usually works.


Can you share tips for building confidence.

Listen to the pudding. You know that saying, ‘the proof is in the pudding?’ Well, if what you’re doing is resonating with people and they’re reading what you write or watch what you record, you can gain confidence from that. There’ll always be someone somewhere who will try and knock that but if the proof is in the pudding and what you’re doing is working, gleam all your confidence from that. 


What are your career highlights?

It has to be when Ashton Kutcher set a photo of me and Ted as his Facebook profile pic! Ha! 


Who inspires you?

My wife inspires me a lot. I want to please her and do my best for her, which gives me inspiration to better myself and do well. 


What is the greatest advice you’ve even been given?

The best advice I was ever given was from my dad who said, ‘measure twice and cut once.’ A great tip when making something but also helpful in life. Not to just jump in and do something without planning and thinking it through. I can’t say I always follow that advice, but try my best. 


What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?

My hopes and aspiration is to build something that I’m proud of. And what will make me proud is if that something helps people for the better and makes a difference to people’s lives.


Define success.

Being content. If you’re content, you’ll have succeeded. 

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