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It’s #whosethedaddy time again and this month I’m welcoming Daddy blogger, Louis Jackson of Dawn of the Dad.

Louis describes himself as an apocalyptic zombie, now he’s a dad.

A SAHD, or ‘Daddy Daycare’ as his wife calls him, while she works, he then picks up the night shift running a pub, or looking after ‘grown up children’!

Reader, writer, photographer, musician, martial artist, avid mountain walker, and movie buff, here he shares his take on crazy baby names…I personally can’t wait to hear what Kimye call kid no 2!

Over to Louis…

Faith, Hope and…Kevin

Yes, apparently they’re siblings. Guess the parents will be trying for another little girl sometime soon.

The ‘art’ of giving our little bundles of joy, strange and bizarre names, is apparently on the rise, with 52% of parents admitting they like unusual names.

This all started when I decided to put the words ‘parenting’ and ‘news’ into a search engine.

To my surprise, instead of seeing articles about the rising cost of putting our young ones through school, or the rise of young affluent parents choosing not to vaccinate their toddlers, the top story of the day was a tweet by Kim Kardashian on how amazing, and how much hard work it is to be a parent to their daughter North West. Must be one of those ‘slow news days’ I’ve heard about.

Once I’d finally removed my face from the palm of my hand, and I’d recollected other celebrity child names, such as ‘Moon Unit’, ‘Sage Moonblood’, and ‘Blanket’ (really). I decided, despite my better judgement, to go there for this guest post.

Apparently, there are plenty of young, hip and trendy parents out there, keen to make sure their offspring know we’re here on earth for a mere blink of an eye, and need to enjoy every last millisecond. Thankfully, naming the apple of your eye, ‘Yolo’ or even ‘Apple’ (Gwynnie I’m looking at you) has been on the decline over the last few years. Sigh.

TV and film have always been a big influence on the naming of our offspring.

How about ‘Neo’, ‘Darko’, or even ‘Melrose’. Even cartoons make for great places to find awesome names. ‘Simba’ anyone? I’m a great fan of Futurama, and maybe ‘Fry’ or ‘Leela’ would make it into a list of possibles. Or maybe not. 

For chocolate lovers everywhere, how about naming that bouncy little boy ‘Hershey’. This sweet little moniker’s been on the rise the last couple of years, but just misses out on the top 100.

Or maybe you want to go a little more up market. How about ‘Ferrero Rocher’? I’ve done the search for you and I can’t find anyone called Ferrero, so it would be ‘Unique’, and there’s another with one family going as far as naming their daughter ‘Eunique’.

The parents of ‘Juju’ either love jelly shoes like crazy, or they’re into witchcraft. They could of course, just be huge fans of the Chelsea cocktail bar. One can never be sure. I am however, certain that little Hennessey’s parents love a tipple, as do Stella’s offspring. (Hmm Stella…)

Where was I?

Oh yeah!

As strange as these names are, it’s the famous that really push the bar on this. I’m sure that Kim and Kanye were rolling on the floor, holding their stomachs when they thought of the name North, but on the scale of crazy, it doesn’t really register. The following, I feel, start to show some seismic movement.

Nicolas Cage née Coppola, changed his name because he loved comic character Luke Cage, so it was obvious his son would be called Luke, right? Nope.  He named him Kal-El, Superman’s krypton name. 

Jason Lee, (My Name Is Earl), is a funny/wacky guy, so you’d expect a strange name from this guy, and it would be no biggy. But Pilot Inspektor? I for one am lost for words (almost). Are we looking for free flights? If so, why not spell it properly?

When I discovered Forest Whitaker had named his son Ocean, I was a little bemused. Orchard maybe, or even Sapling, but Ocean?

‘Rock star’ The Edge would make this list on his own name alone, but he’s so awesome his daughter would need a name just as spectacular. If he’d stayed at ‘Angel’ that would have been fine, but no, he chose Blue Angel. I’m guessing Lola Lola wasn’t enough. Maybe the joy of seeing this young life entering the world made him feel “Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt” (What…? I can’t help it) 

I’ve already mentioned one of Frank Zappa’s children in this post and I’m sure if you give your grey matter a little shake, you’ll recall ‘Dweezel’. However, only die hard fans will know about ‘Diva Thin Muffin’.

Actor Rob Morrow, (Numb3rs/Northern Exposure) decided it would be side split-ingly funny to name his daughter ‘Tu’. Sure, it would have tickled a little when first mentioned, but two seconds later, it’s like ‘I suppose you just had to be there.’

You can bet your bottom dollar, that only a select few know the full truth that Tu isn’t really her first name, but actually one of her many middle names. Her full name is ‘The Sun’ll Come Out Tu Morrow’.

After looking into this nonsense, I feel I may have stumbled onto the fact that stupidity is really an airborne virus, and being in close proximity to an infected individual, increases the chances of catching this crazy baby naming disease. Let’s take a look at the facts:

The Edge names his daughter Blue Angel, and his long time friend, Bono, has a daughter named Memphis Eve Sunny Day. If that’s not enough, Michael Jackson names his child Blanket, and brother Jermain Jackson, names his son ‘Jermajesty’.

I’m sorry but what’s wrong with good old fashioned names?

Right, enough hilarity, it’s time I got back to my son Jumanji Billabong III.

What say you? Do you love the crazy baby names or prefer the more noble choice, I’d love to hear from you.

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37 Responses

  1. Love From Clueless Mum

    I often find myself wondering what was going through a parent’s head when they named their child. I often contemplated unusual or less common names when I was pregnant (nothing too out there though) but had to ask myself whether I could picture an 18 year old introducing themselves with that name. Would I still love the name in ten years time?

  2. Tim

    Each to their own, of course, but I do wonder if sometimes the whim of the parent becomes the burden of the child in later life once a name goes out of fashion. What of those handful of Game of Thrones fans who have named their daughters Arya or Khaleesi? Yes, really. (Funny how no one in the UK named their son Joffrey, though. It’s true – I checked with the stats produced by the government National Statistics office.)

    Still, it doesn’t seem to have been a problem for all those boys in their late 30s named Luke, or the people in their mid to late 20s called either Jason or Kylie …

    • Dawn of the Dad

      Lucky for those kids, so far. I could never dream of naming after my favourite celebrity, one never knows what dark secrets may be unearthed in later years.

  3. Hannah Budding Smiles

    Oh I love this post! I don’t keep up with celebrity news, heck I don’t even have a TV, but obviously social media informs me of many of these idiots’ choices. We wanted a name which would sound good at any age and in any job and I think we’ve achieved that with Toby Christopher. Christopher is my Dad’s name so we’ve got a personal connection too rather than putting a blindfold on, spinning in circles and seeing what inanimate object we’re point towards when we stop. Ho hum, the Rolan Bolans and Chelsea Bunns of this world will figure it out!xx

    • Dawn of the Dad

      I know a few people that have chosen the Native American way of choosing names, they still love the old joke about the boy named ‘two dogs sha#$ing’ go figure. 😀

  4. Gemma Capocci

    My little girl is called Coco – is that crazy!? People either tend to love it or think it is really bizarre – although the latter reaction is normally reserved for our elderly Italian relatives. Our favourite response was “Coco!? Like the coco-nut?” We also get a lot of “our cake/dog/hamster is called Coco!” Although Coco was very pleased when she met a alpaca called Coco recently – that was new!

    • Dawn of the Dad

      There’s nothing wrong with Coco as a name. Sure there was a little ridicule to begin with, but I think it’s blossoming into a wonderful and accepted name.

  5. Rebecca Crossley

    Love this – I’m 24 weeks and my mum does nothing but research ‘unusual’ baby names to read out to me over the phone! My colleague’s rule for naming her baby was: ‘Could you be the prime minister with this name?’

  6. Lizzy

    My goodness, some of those are hilarious. My mother is a retired midwife and recounts the most unusual name given the the son of Mr and Mrs Pipe…..Dwaine x

  7. Jess Helicopter

    I think unusual names are good but ridiculous names are a bit unfair. It depends on how confident that person becomes, whether they are able to take the potential ribbing. I called my son Augustus but we use Gus because I am worried he may be bullied. And Joni is my daughter’s name. So far we’ve only had positive feedback but I am sure people think that Augustus is poncey and Joni is chavvy! You can’t win!

    • Dawn of the Dad

      Unusual is cool. My name is Louis and I know very few with this name. All through school, teachers would read out registration as Louise, much to my dismay.

  8. Random Musings

    When naming a child, I think it’s important to remember that child has to live with the name forever (or at least until they are old enough to legally change it). It might sound “cute” for your two week old baby, but for a 40 year old, a 60 year old? Not so much. Perhaps some of theses people should change their own names and see how they like it before subjecting their children to it! #brillblogposts

    • Dawn of the Dad

      Totally agree. If you want to change your name to something “out there” when you’re old enough to do it legally then that’s fine.

  9. Jess Paterson

    Ha ha, this is brilliant Louis! Tell me that’s a joke about Rob Morrow? I used to love Northern Exposure! My kids have got the plainest names ever as they’re all boys and their father didn’t want any nonsense. If I’d had a girl, that would have been a different story…;) Nice to discover you through Vicki’s blog.

  10. A Cornish Mum

    I remember when my eldest son was born and someone else on the ward named their child ‘Diesel’, I wish that was a joke! Someone came up to my ex husband who had a Diesel T shirt on and presumed he must have been the one with the child with the awful name, nope we went for Finley which although there are others around, isn’t a name he will be bullied about or have to pay money to change out of misery when he’s older 😉

    Stevie x

  11. al Ferguson

    Good to see you featured here buddy. I like the more traditional names – hence Ted. Got me thinking now about a name for baby number 2 when he/she hopefully comes 🙂

    • Dawn of the Dad

      Cheers bro. I am still so overwhelmed about how welcoming, and supportive all the parent bloggers have been in my brief time here.

  12. Notmyyearoff

    I don’t mind unusual names and think they sound really pretty. When It came to naming Z though I wanted a “good old fashioned solid name”, ha! 🙂 I reckon it’ll be the same with baby number 2!

    • Dawn of the Dad

      Some names can be lovely, I agree. But most seem to require some face/palm action. I guess you need to be braver than I to go down that path.

  13. Seychellesmama

    I always thought I loved unusual names, until it came to actually naming a child myself and the reality of it being a name they’d have to have forever struck home!!

  14. Mummy Tries

    Tee hee, good for you for going there 😉 I’m with you totally on this one, I think it’s getting a tad ridiculous. Ben Elton’s book Blind Faith is set slightly in the future and he gives all the babies ridiculous names like Gucci KitKat… Doesn’t actually feel all that ridiculous though, and it’s not just celebs these days.

    I much prefer traditional names, spelt correctly. My eldest is called Polly, and I was asked several times if we’d be spelling it Pollie. Really??!!

    • Dawn of the Dad

      Indeed! I’m all for unique names, to a degree, I think the world has enough Dave’s and John’s etc. I wonder how long it will be before “Bing” or “Pando” will be common names?

  15. Kelly

    Just incredible how parents come up with names for their kids these days. It’s like they just look at an object that day, and say “Yes! That’s what we will name our kid. Welcome to the world……TABLE!”. Stupid I tell you.

  16. Mama, My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

    I just wonder job these kids are going to do? Can’t imagine a suited and booted adult rocking up at an interview and saying ‘Hello, my name is The Sun’ll Come Out Tu Morrow, here to interview with Mr Jones. Why would you name your kid something that is suitable for a life on benefits, inheritance or a stripper pole?
    However we did give our kid a Thai name which will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows. In my defense his other mother is Thai, he is half Asian and it can be shortened to a very normal British name if he wants to when he’s older.


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