Our Weekend in Pictures: Crab Apple Blossom Trees and Pancakes

I’m rushing around as per but I wanted to quickly jump on here and share our weekend in pictures (before I totally forget under the weight of my to-do list and Florence waking from her nap)… With a few recommendations of where to go and what to eat for you Yorkshire folks. Just FYI, I didn’t manage to take many pics so I’ll try harder next time!

Saturday was gloriously sunny again so after the boys Martial Arts lesson in the morning (they’ve recently joined an Academy after loving their sessions in Windsor), we strolled around the beautifully blooming RHS Garden Harlow Carr in Harrogate (we’ve worked with the charity before and they kindly gifted us an annual membership) snapping Xander under the delicate crab apple blossom trees (my Mum has one in her garden) and watched in awe at Florence’s zest for even the biggest of slides in the many playgrounds on site, she bombed down with her brothers!

You’ll find radiant rhododendrons, blue poppies (yes, blue), swaying tulips in vivid orange, yellow and purple hues, nodding bluebells (my second favourites after reigning champs: sweet peas) and the softest blush pink Camellia flowers (amongst many others) you can marvel at this spring.

It’s seriously one of the prettiest places to visit in North Yorkshire so do add it to your list, if you haven’t been, yet.

Lunch was at garden centre restaurant and bistro Crimple (also in Harrogate) where we ordered so much food, it was actually embarrassing. This is what omitting breakfast and walking for miles does to you!

I only managed a snap of the boys’ pancakes but highly recommend the traditional fish and chips with mushy peas (it’s lightly battered and crispy) and open fishfinger sandwich. Peter inhaled a wedge of Red Velvet the size of his head for dessert, he no doubt recommends too. Delicious British cuisine for all of the family.  Extra bonus point of the day was Florence slept through lunch so we could actually relax!

Sunday was a time to catch up with my friend Rebecca (sans our babies) with a brunch to end all brunches at Kofi & Co in Wetherby for a sumptously delicious spicy chicken kebab salad with smashed avo remix (I’m low carbing and they kindly accomodated me) and a stack of American pancakes topped with buttermilk fried chicken, bacon jam, maple syrup and crispy onions for my former US-living friend (it must have transported her back). Swoon.

We then stumbled across a monthly Farmer’s Market where I picked up some vibrant printed frocks and two piece outfits for Florence (I’ll share when she wears them) before we both headed home respectievly to hang out our families in the sunshine. Isn’t uniterrupted girl time with women who just get you, precious!

Funnily enough, later that day, on a walk to our local park, we discovered another Farmer’s Market in and stocked up on retro sweets, crochet toys and some pressed apple juice, and honeycomb. Joyful.

If my love for Farmer’s Markets is what midlife is all about, I’m here for it! Also I thoroughly loved the lady selling sweets who couldn’t believe I was 42 after she asked if I was planning another baby! I mean there’s definitely time for more but I think that’s it now!

Aww, it was a weekend well spent. I hope you had a lush one too.

Our Weekend in Pictures: Crab Apple Blossom Trees and Pancakes

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