How to make Vegan Coconut Porridge

Most rely on milk to make porridge, and although I do enjoy the odd serving of organic full fat milk with this, the creaminess of using coconut milk is incomparable in my opinion, unless I suppose you opt for cream, for a treat.

This version though, is one of the healthiest possible, it really is the most nutrient-rich ways to enjoy porridge, offering protein with the coconut, to the slow releasing fibrous oat counterpart, and seriously compliments maple syrup like nothing else.

If, unlike me, you can eat nuts, do top with these for an extra protein hit and punch, or seeds and I like to add a strawberry and blueberries too, on top!

vegan coconut porridge

For the Porridge:

  • 200g gluten free oats.
  • 1 cup/236ml of water
  • 1 can of ideally organic, full-fat coconut milk
  • sprinkle of sea salt
  • 2 tbsp pure Maple Syrup
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • strawberry or anything you fancy, banana, nuts, coconut, honey, mango, prunes, dates…


Add the oats, water and coconut milk, sprinkle of salt, to a pan and cook on a low heat until the liquid absorbs (10 minutes).

Remove from the heat, drizzle with maple syrup, sprinkle with cinnamon and add a strawberry.

It will keep you full until lunchtime, I promise.

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