Scent Republik co-founder and family

Co-Founder of Scent Republik Shares the Inspiration Behind The Product

Scent Republik co-founder and family

Scent Republik is a new concept in fragrance for pre-teen girls which launched nationwide in The Perfume Shop and Superdrug this month – and is also available on-line at 

Scent Republik is the ‘brainchild’ of two London dads, Kevinn Hirsch and Alex Theodorou, who were sick of the never-ending cliches and inappropriately mature messaging when it came to products being targeted at their daughters so they took action and created their own fragrance that girls could relate to and they as parents, felt happy to buy.

Scent Republik

 The Scent Stiks look a bit like highlighter pens that you can pop into your pencil case. They can be layered to create new, bespoke scents using the different Scent Stiks which have great names like BFF, Chill and Whoosh The range of Scent Republik’s six Scent Stiks are destined to shake up the tween beauty market!

Here Kevinn Hirsch explains the inspiration that drove him and Alex to create Scent Republik.

Alex and I took the decision to launch Scent Republik, our range of 6 innovative Scent Stiks this year because we were basically tired, and a bit surprised, at what was on offer to young girls in terms of fragrances. I’ve never seen so many clichés and such inappropriately mature messaging that marketeers are trying to push at young pre-teen and early teen girls aged 7 to 14. We looked around us and realised there was not a lot in the beauty market, and especially fragrances, that we’d be totally comfortable with our daughters buying – and certainly nothing I’d consider buying myself for my two girls!

We were fed up with the usual beauty products and never-ending sexualised messaging readily available to kids. So, we wracked our brains and came up with a product young people could relate to and most importantly, something we’d happily buy their own pre-teen daughters. We are very aware that there’s a lot going on in pre-teen lives such as friendships, bodies and ideas, so we thought we’d use the amazing power of scent to inspire positive and confidence-boosting feelings.

Neither of us have a background in beauty. I used to be in tech and Alex has a graphic design history but I’d like to think we are smart entrepreneurs – or maybe just a bit crazy! But we are also caring dads and between us we have 3 daughters so we realised we have a chance now to influence how beauty brands are marketed to young girls.

So, Alex (Alex Theordorou) and I put our heads together and came up with the Scent Republik concept for a seriously safe fragrance brand which stands for INCLUSIVITY, CONFIDENT FUN and is TOTALLY CRUELTY FREE.

Our idea for Scent Republik Scent Stiks was to replace the ink in highlighter pens with scent – et voila! – we created a unique new range of 6 super-cute Scent Stiks which hit fragrance counters and stores in The Perfume Shop and Superdrug this month. In fact, we’ve created such a storm that retailers as far away as Australia have been in touch and soon Scent Republik will be available at Mecca Maxima, their big beauty store too.

We truly believe we are turning how girls can wear, layer and share scents on its head – forever. By incorporating standalone ‘accords’ that have been developed to work in balance with each other, the BFF, YAY!, FAB!, WHOOSH, ZAP! and CHILLScent Stiksare now unleashed this spring for young girls to explore a world of creating their own scent combinations which they can design to express themselves or as ‘scent-art’ for their best friends.With no ink, just fine fragrance ingredients, Scent Republik Scent Stiks contain only carefully developed fine-fragrance ingredients.

What is core to the concept we have created, is that as dads totween girls,our scent range stands to encourage inclusivity, fun and friendship. Scent Republik is a unique fragrance brandbased on the radical idea of creating a scent specially for young girls that is fun to apply and brings out the inner creative in all of us! The Scent Republik philosophy is to be kind to everyone, whether that’s to animals or to each other. We even launched a social media campaign to get girls to share #StikTogetherand look out for each other.

And there is no compromise when it comes to the actual fragrance ingredients. Scent Republik Scent Stiks are made with the finest ingredients designed by an expert fragrance perfumier – and are easy and fun to use. A simple stroke on the wrist, arm or neck will do the trick – Scent Republik call it ‘Pop-Tag-&-Sniff’!

Scent RepublikScent Stiksare available at The Perfume Shop and Superdrug with RRP of £4.95. Discover more at


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Co-Founder of Scent Republik Shares the Inspiration Behind The Product - Honest Mum


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