Christmas Tree Love

This year, it must be stated, we’ve had the most incredible fun decorating our Christmas tree (below).

Past years have seen me decorate our tree solo, or when little helpers have intervened, a few Christmas tree related disasters have followed: smashed baubles, twisted branches, tears over faulty twinkling lights and tantrums over tinsel I ended up binning (who likes tinsel over the age of 5 anyway?!)

Christmas tree

Now that my boys are nearly 6 (how did that happen?) and 3, they were, (with a little help) able to decorate as opposed to destroy, the tree this year.

And look what a grand job they (and their executive creative director: moi) have done.

All while the most favourite of festive films, ‘Elf’ played in the background, popcorn popped in the pan and Daddy made hot chocolate for us all.


The lounge is now alight with shiny baubles and twinkly lights.

So the tree you see above, was gifted to us along with lots of baubles last year by John Lewis (it’s not real obvs), and I picked up more decorations from Morrisons this year, while doing an epic supermarket shop.

I couldn’t believe how cheap packs of huge jewelled decs-the diamond ones remind me of Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring (!) were- and I picked up new boxes of fairy lights to avoid any broken ones from last year. I couldn’t chance more potential meltdowns!

…We lined the mirror with little lights too and as neither of the two stunning stars we were sent last year would fit on the top, so they take pride of place on the fireplace’s mantelpiece along with home made cards and scented candles (which are never lit when little people are awake)!

The boys might be old enough to decorate a tree but they can’t be around open flames.

Hot chocolate supped, popcorn scoffed, Elf watched, we had the most magical start to the season- and then we did it all again a few days later as the lovely folks at Gardening Express sent my folks a stunning 6ft luxury Nordman fir Christmas tree delivered direct to their door.


Christmas tree
I simply adore the red and silver theme my Mum opted for this year: so classically elegant don’t you think?!


And importantly (!) the decor matches my stunning red Nova Harley Amsterdam bag too!

…You can just make out my husband Peter reflected in the shiny baubles!


…These delicate baubles with a holly design, are just so pretty. I think I might have to borrow some of these decorations for next year!


Well done Mum!

We will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my folks’ so all the presents will be making their way under this very tree in time for the big day.

Nothing makes me happier than being with my family, celebrating, eating and enjoying a festive tipple over Christmas with champagne (what else?) during the day, before port when the kids hit the sack.

I will be blogging and vlogging our day together, afterwards, sharing the joy and of course the food with you all!
Don’t miss it!

So, is your tree up and decorated too?

It really is a wonderful time of the year isn’t it?!

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