This year, John Lewis kindly sent us a 6 foot Argyle Green Fir Christmas Tree and asked us to choose decorations that caught our eye, to help our home look and feel festive!

Christmas tree-John Lewis

This is the first year we’ve opted for an artificial tree which makes sense for us as family with a little toddler on the loose!

I’m quite enjoying not having to vacuum pine needles up each day too and this one can’t put any in his mouth this way!


Assembling the tree is simple, it arrives with a sturdy metal stand and pieces that slot together with pre-assembled hinged branches which slot easily into place.

Part of John Lewis’ Vibrant Vintage theme, The Argyle has a natural branch shape too (you really can’t tell it isn’t real actually) and as you can turn the sections of the tree easily, hanging decorations and making your tree beautiful has never been more fun!

…Our lounge is our relaxed space, in greys and cream with touches of pale pink in the antiques, candles and flowers in glass vases dotted around (a contrast to our bold red and yellow kitchen)!

This year, again for a change (we usually go more vibrant) and to match the room, we opted for silver, gold and pale turquoise decorations, neutral colours, for a chic, sparkling tree we simply love!

These shatter-proof baubles are timeless decorations we adore!

glass baubles-John Lewis

Along with the above, I chose some statement baubles: two elegant drop shaped decorations embellished with a glittery depiction of a bird on a snowy branch on metallic silver glass. Such striking pieces don’t you think?!

bird baubles

Next I selected some delicate glass spiral trees, so pretty when they catch the light..all items that will last forever and will come out year after year.

glass Christmas tree decorations

Delicate droplet that resemble ice Christmas trees!

glass Christmas tree decorations

The baubles are shatter-proof too, important with a young family and meant my little helper could get stuck in (once I’d hung the glass trees up).

I was impressed with how carefully he did it too! He was in awe of the pretty decorations, now 2 it was the first time he could fully appreciate the tree!

Alexander-Honest Mum

child decorating the Christmas tree

Twinkling fairy lights were the final touch! Alexander literally gasped when we switched them on. The magic of Christmas had begun!

..Oliver was however preoccupied with watching Frozen (again)!

…The lounge has a low ceiling so the stunning gold, glittering star couldn’t quite make the top of the tree but it’s taken pride of place on the fireplace mantel place and our lounge has been utterly transformed.

Christmas tree star

After all that decorating, it was time for a well earned lie down and a glass of wine for Mummy!


Alexander-Honest Mum

Cute kid

Thanks John Lewis!

Have you got your tree up yet?

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28 Responses

  1. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    This is a pretty tree, Vicki. To my relief, not a bit of tinsel in sight! My favourite way to decorate a tree is too load it with baubles, and stick to one or two colours. White lights, or one colour that compliments the baubles. I hate multi-coloured decorations, but I realise that the kids may disagree. I was in the garden centre the other day and saw a tree decorated in pale pink and rose gold baubles. It was veeeeeery pretty… Last year, my tree and decorations were entirely home-made. The ‘tree’ was an A-frame made with bamboo sticks, and I crafted a variety of decorations using various materials. The end result was… interesting. It was rather contemporary, but had an overall pleasing effect. The ‘tree’ is now in the garden – haha! Your tree looks elegant and classy – good choices. (And despite what you may read anywhere, the John Lewis Partnership really do offer me my most preferred supermarket!). xx

    • honestmum

      Oh wow your home-made tree sounds amazing and you and I have such similar taste! Love JL too, thanks for your fab comment, I literally get excited to read your comments xx

      • Fiona @ Free Range Chick

        Aw, really?! Just as well I love reading your blog then Sweet, as your posts prompt me to comment A LOT. And this is me with limited time on my hands! My tree last year was very cool in a hilarious, crafty, “that’s not a tree!” kind of way! I won’t even dare send you a picture! Xx

      • honestmum

        So glad you tweeted me a picture because I LOVE it, utterly beautiful, and unique and so creative. You must keep it forever x

  2. Clare

    Gorgeous. This our 2nd year with a ‘fake’ tree due to our twin three year olds. I have started to come round to the idea as they can be put up earlier, less mess & take up less room. But I do miss the smell & their individual quirky shape.

    The decorations are gorgeous. I love the twirly tree decoration. Very delicate. X

  3. Michelle Reeves (bodfortea)

    Well you know how I feel about John Lewis lovely lady – my favourite place to shop! Those baubles look fabulous… which reminds me I really must get our tree out of the loft and get decorating it!

  4. Amy

    Wow I love that you can turn sections of the tree, what a good idea I’ve never heard of that before. I love JL decorations and always buy a few from there each year to add to my collection. My big glass baubles are my prize possession but due to toddler are at the top half of the tree! Yours looks beautiful xx

    • honestmum

      Hehe clever tactic to keep them up high. So far my toddler has been good with the lights which surprised me. When my eldest was a baby, we had to keep our favourite baubles out of his reach! So glad you like our tree and decorations. Great that the sections can be moved.

  5. Elizabeth

    What a beautiful home and family you have. I really like the decorations you’ve chosen, I like to keep my decorations simple too with elegant silvery and gold pieces 🙂

    Hidden Freckles Blog

  6. Mummy Matters

    Your tree looks beautiful. I always love the John Lewis Christmas shop. We put our tree up last weekend with the ‘help’ of our children. We have only ever had artificial trees but they look so realistic you can hardly tell the difference.


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