healthy food

Changing My Diet, Changing my Life

healthy food

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Ok I realise it’s a a BIG Hollywood-worthy TITLE, a grand old statement but it’s the truth, really-changing my diet has/ is changing my life!

I know, I know, I’ve written about my relationship and complete and utter love affair with food a lot here (along with sharing my recipes) but hear me out (again)- recently I’ve had an epiphany, a change of heart somewhat, a shake up in my fridge and life.

I read a book: The 6 Diet by Elaine Wilson, after receiving blood test results to say my insulin levels weren’t great, I’m not diabetic but I have PCOS and insulin resistance because of this. The Dr says I’m not overweight but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t change my diet and get fitter.

I put on 9 pounds over the summer, mostly on my tummy, thanks to troffing awful food while the sun shone-sugar, white carbs, all the stuff my body (and mind) hate.

I’m not sure why I had a blow-out really, I just relaxed everything too much, ignoring the fact I know my body needs consistency to feel (and look) at its best…

But back to the book, easy to read (took me an hour), it’s primarily for diabetics but also those wanting to prevent diabetes so ideal for PCOS sufferers (1 in 10 women have PCOS) or those in need of losing weight and dealing with PMT (first month since Alexander was born 2 years ago that I haven’t suffered this month).

And let me tell you, the minute I started to apply Elaine’s advice, I felt re-energised (and I do have crazy energy levels generally) but this was different, I slept through, felt bursting with vitality (I sound like a yoghurt ad) and was happier than ever.

It was as if every cell in my body was high-fiving each other as getting the right nutrients in!

Basically the book advises a low carb diet (which is healthy for EVERYONE by the way), good fats because low fat is bad (for EVERYONE by the way) as low fat usually means high sugar and sugar is the devil (in case you didn’t know)!

This also means not eating lots of fruit too contrary to advice (Elaine debunks a lot of food-myths by the way)…fruit back in the day was a treat, a dessert not consumed non stop in a bid to keep people healthy because it’s full of sugar so go easy on those apples. Moderate your fruit bowl.

Lean meat and make that white meat, fish, shellfish and eggs and lots of pulses, beans and lentils get Elaine’s approval.

Vegetables, not always raw either and often better to eat warm for full nutrients plus a list of foods based on Chinese principles to get your gut healthy again are the order of the day. So bye bye cow’s milk and cheese, hello sheep and ewe derivatives so hallumi and feta, avocado, coconut-everything (yay)…plus no to bananas or wheat, the latter I’ve stayed away from since reading Wheat Belly and can back up how much better we all feel with it out of our lives.

Limiting wheat has made a huge difference to my kids too-Oliver’s incessant rashes that came out of nowhere disappeared when wheat was banished, despite a specialist insisting it wasn’t wheat related and wouldn’t test him either. Taking matters into my own hands and eradicating wheat, he no longer needs medication.

So there you have it, lots of vibrant, tasty, low carb, full fat, tasty, seasonal food that keeps blood sugar balanced, your heart and mind healthy plus as much exercise as I can manage with just one day off from cardio a week! Be it brisk walks whenever I can to daily runs (usually 25 minutes long) and chill out yoga sessions, even if that means just 10 minutes before bed, I feel flipping INCREDIBLE!

Yes it takes some work, dedication and inspiration (thank you to my great friends Mirka of Fitness 4 Mamas and Mama and More, my go-to gal for yoga who keep me motivated) but feeling fit and healthy, above any cosmetic changes (although these are nice too) makes it all worth it!

Take time out for yourself to eat well, get your heart rate up and endorphins released and try and relax more- you owe it to you and your kids to be the fittest you can be.

I still want to lose more from my tummy but I really feel I’m on the right track!

Would love to hear what works for you?

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