Celebrating The Harry Potter Wizarding World Launch at Hamleys

Honest Mum and son Oliver at the Harry Potter launch in HamleysThe greatest pleasure of my job hands-down, is seeing my kids happy.

Witnessing my kids grow, mature and flourish thanks hugely to the experiences my blog gives them, is an incomparable feeling.

Last week was no exception as we were invited to shop in Hamleys before the store opened to the public… A dream come true for Oliver, 8, who has frankly had a lot on his little plate over the past year with the loss of my Auntie Zak and my recent thyroid operation, not forgetting my ill health preceding it, this sweet guy deserved some unbridled joy and that’s exactly what he got.


Mature for his years, Oliver is the one so often giving me support (it’s funny as I never thought it would be a two-way street but illness showed me otherwise) and a visit to Hamleys to celebrate their new Harry Potter Wizarding World (and the fact Mummy is better) while not forgetting, letting loose in the store is something we won’t ever forget!

Vicki Psarias and son Oliver at the Harry Potter Wizarding World

Hamleys is the world’s oldest and most-loved toy shop and it all began with William Hamley, a Cornishman from Bodmin who had dreamed up the idea of the best toy shop in the world when he opened his first store in Holborn, London in 1760. Now Hamleys is a global brand with 132 stores across 19 countries including China, India, South Africa, Czech Republic, UAE, Jordan Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia and Russia, a legacy William would have been proud of.

But back to the event at hand…

Harry Potter at Hamleys

The lower ground floor of Hamleys is a complete and utter haven for Harry Potter fans with dolls, merchandising gifts, clothes, jewellery, games, LEGO and even sculptures galore residing there.

Baby Harry Potter

It was fab to meet Hitchens’ Kitchen and her gorgeous baby Harry Potter (!)

Ralph Cunningham, Hamleys Gorup CEO said, ‘ We are delighted to be collaborating with one of the world’s most recognised brands to bring the magic of Harry Potter to our world-famous London toy shop. We have an incredible assortment of Harry Potter merchandise, coupled with our unique retail proposition of delivering world class, engaging product demonstration. It will make Hamleys a destination for Harry Potter fns from all over the world. The love for both brands stretches over generations and we are positive that this new addition will bring smiles to the faces of children and fmilies who visit our Regent St flagship store’.

LEGO Harry Potter

Oliver hasn’t yet watched the films or reads the books but this was a wonderful introduction to the enchanting world which has since proved a catalyst for him starting the first book of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone before an imminent viewing of the film.

We made our own little film on the day (below) where Oliver was kindly offered a big bag to fill of his chosen presents in store, to choose along with a Harry Potter goody bag too.The toys were shared with his brother and will be spaced out over the year. What lucky children huh?! Oliver thanked me over and over and stated it was the best day of his life after being born!

What a treat.

…The magic of Harry Potter awaits you.

Let me know if you attend. You’d be nuts not to!

Do check out our vlog and we were also in the Daily Mail’s Femail who covered the event, if you fancy reading the article.

Thanks to Lauren Jobling for styling me up as usual (the hat was chosen by Hamleys-ha!).


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Celebrating The Harry Potter Wizarding World Launch at Hamleys - Honest Mum


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