coupleI can’t believe today is mine and my husband Peter’s, 10 year wedding anniversary. A whole decade. Wow!

2 weddings and 2 kids later, living in different cities-London, Bristol and then back to Leeds in Yorkshire, adventures, laughter, work projects and more, life is never boring here.

wedding collageAnd yes 2 weddings (!) a stunning intimate candlelit ceremony in Port Elizabeth in South Africa overlooking the sea (the milestone we’re celebrating today) and a year later, once Peter had finished his Greek lessons (really) and had been christened Greek Orthodox, we had our Big Fat Greek Wedding (our lives did feel similar to the film that year)-although ours was a much classier affair it must be said (ha)!


It was wonderful to have 2 ceremonies (a girl’s dream), both were religious, the first being Methodist and also where we signed the register, and although we have wedding pictures framed from both weddings, our first was clearly so long ago, I couldn’t find the digital files to that one! Eek.

I was lucky to have two different wedding dresses for each too, the first by local designer Vicky Martin for a more simple, classic heart shaped bodice and tulle skirt, and my Greek wedding dress was by renowned French trio of sisters, designers Cymbeline with layers of lace and and a long romantic veil. Plus my Mum and I managed a few girly trips with 2 fittings in Paris at Galeries Lafayette and 1 in Nice. Ooh la la!

Our Greek wedding (below) was at the Greek church in Leeds followed by a reception for 200 with live Greek music, at the stunning Rudding Park Hotel in Harrogate.

Rudding Park

I was 24, Peter 25 on our (first) wedding day, so young yet so sure we were meant for one another after meeting during university (I had just finished an MA, he was starting an MSc), and we were right too, we are absolutely each other’s yin and yang and as cheesy as it sounds, one another’s perfect match.

my Greek wedding

Peter is quieter than I am (pre-wine), I’m the louder, life and soul of the party girl (he likes to stand back and observe a bit, whereas I rush too much, making best friends everywhere I go-we balance one another out), both ambitious, we are the strongest team together, in life, and in work.

I push him forwards while he grounds me. Peter never worries (unlike me), he’s like a real life Buddha (he can, (although doesn’t) teach tai chi), confident, never arrogant, he’s the first person I go to with a problem and always offers me context, and relieves my silly concerns.


A rare breed of a man, he’s logical, scientific and creative too, an IT whizz by day, and also a huge part of my blog (mostly by night-sorry Peter), shooting me for official campaigns and modelling work, blog posts and of course our family days out and holidays.

He also helps keep the IT side of my blogs slick, and is my best friend, partner in crime, and gorgeous right hand man. We work so well together and never, ever argue on shoots, I always feel so relaxed and content knowing he’s behind the camera and life is always fun with Peter.

Talking of polar opposites, he, unlike me, hates being in front of the camera (poor guy, married to a blogger) and prefers to do the shooting, so shots of us together are rare but I’ve shared some of my favourites right here from golden oldies to more recent shots.

Back in the day-


More than anything, I love that man more each day, the best thing, and this weirdly happens a lot, perhaps if he heads off somewhere (case in point, he went to pay the parking ticket for the car last week) and returns, for an instant I think, ‘Wow who’s that hot guy?’ before realising it’s my husband! Aw!


I knew he’d make an amazing Dad too, his biggest and most important role, so hands on, everything is shared here as it should be, and it’s always has been that way, both up in the night with babies and toddlers, there when they’re ill or scared… he cooks like a dream I ust add (important in this foodie family) and really lives for those boys, and me.

Our beautiful sons are our biggest success, they’ve brought us closer together (despite the tougher parenting times) and despite bickering more than ever. Sleep deprivation can do that to a couple!

My family mean the world to me, and I love that Peter fitted right in with us from the start. My folks live just 15 minutes away from us, and my brother, Solos is nearby too. Peter’s family live far away in South Africa so I’m so glad he’s so close to my immediate family who are such a strong support to us both.


I feel so lucky to have Peter in my life.

Just so you don’t actually think he’s perfect reading this, unbeknown to most, he’s one stubborn dude too, sure of himself and what he wants, but I find that so attractive. I couldn’t be with someone where I’m ‘the boss’, relationships should be equal and ours really is (even if I’m the louder one)! He’s been known to put subtitles on when I talk over the TV!

That and separate bathrooms is the secret to a lasting, happy marriage. Oh and compromise. I will never forget the priest’s words on our wedding day, 10 years ago today who said, ‘Marriage is about learning to compromise’.

So, tonight we’ll be raising a glass to 10 years of marriage and celebrating properly over the bank holiday weekend (where we can recover with that extra day). We’re 10 years older after all!

Here’s to many more years of crazy adventures Mr Honest Mum, you rock my world.


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62 Responses

  1. Rebecca U

    Beautiful post, congratulations! (Also mega-jealous that you had a reception at Rudding Park – totally wanted to have one there, oh well) #brilliantblogposts

    • honestmum

      Are you a Yorkshire girl? Apologies if you told me you were before. Thanks for comment, cannot believe it’s 10 years! x

  2. Riona

    This is beautiful post. Congratulations. Reminds me to be really grateful for my amazing hubby too 🙂

  3. Mirka Moore @Kahanka @Fitness4Mamas

    Congratulations! Oh darling finally have had a chance to read this lovely post which has brought tears in my eyes as I have been so lucky and also met your family and your goooorgeous husband. You are one amazing family, and I am so lucky and happy to be your friend. I had no idea you have been together for so long as you are so young. When i was 25 I left the Czech Republic to start enjoying my freedom after a 5 year old relationship disaster, left for the sunny Sydney where I met my destiny. We will be celebrating 10 years this August and really want to take my hubby to Venice or Florence to celebrate. Loved seeing all these pictures and had to laugh at the mentioning of the Big Fat Greek Wedding! Love you guys, hope you had a great day xxxxxx

    • honestmum

      Oh darling I feel exactly the same about you, so, so lucky to have you and the girls in my life. Yay for your 10 years too, amazing how you met. We are all going to Venice in the summer. I love Venice and Florence, so beautiful and romantic and Rome too. Love you too chick and see you soon xx

  4. Laura's Lovely Blog

    What a beautiful post. Congratulations. Ten years is a great achievement and I so agree marriage is about compromise.

    I can’t decided if I’m envious of your two weddings of think you’re slightly bonkers 😉

  5. Mary Conneely

    Wishing you both many, many more years of happiness together! Love the idea of 2 weddings – it is the only time we get to feel and dress like a princess!

  6. Lisa@intotheglade

    A massive congratulations to you both. This is a beautiful post with gorgeous pictures. We have a significant anniversary this year too, times does fly. Enjoy your celebrations xx

  7. Notmyearoff

    Happy anniversary and may you have many many more happy decades to come 🙂 this is such a lovely post with some very lovely pics, it’s really nice to see how you’ve both grown together x

  8. Carin

    Congratulations to 10! That is such a wonderful tribute to your husband and wonderful family! Here’s to many more! x

  9. Donna

    Congratulations!!! I think a 10 year anniversary needs a vow renewal 😉 time for wedding 3??! 😉 xx

  10. EmmaK

    Congrats lady!! I am married to a quiet one too…..I do feel sorry for him because he is among three loud women who completely dominate the bathrooms in the morning. I must buy him some earplugs for our anniversary.

    • honestmum

      Haha that made me laugh out loud, bet he loves it really! The boys have taken after me too, I did hope for a quiet child (at least for one of them), alas my loud genes dominated!

  11. Michelle Reeves (Bod for tea)

    Mahoosive congratulations to you both! What a wonderful tribute to Peter – the model husband and father by the sound of things and you are clearly made for each other. Such a lovely post honey with gorgeous photos of you all. Here’s to the next 10 years! *cheers*

  12. Ebabee

    What a beautiful post full of love and emotion. I’m the loud, irrational one here and Richard the more sensible, balanced person like Peter! You two are made for each other and it shows in everything you do. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary – a big milestone. Wishing you many, many, many more years of togetherness xxx

    • honestmum

      Thanks sweetpea, that’s so lovely that Richard is like Peter but you seem very calm and sensible to me. I feel a bit more ‘normal’ reading we’re similar as I look to you as my tranquil inspiration. Ha, thanks for your lovely words darling x

  13. Kate Davis

    Congratulations 🙂 I also met my husband at university and it is our ten year wedding anniversary later in the year. I find it hard to believe despite the two children who have appeared in that time!

    I love the fact you had two weddings. I’m hoping to have a party for our anniversary and secretly wondering if I could wear my wedding dress again.

    I’m amused by the vague similarities. I was born and grew up in Yorkshire, not that far down the M62 from Leeds. I went to university in Bath so not far from Bristol. OH is no use on my blog, but he is in to photography; he prefers taking landscapes or macros, but I make him take them of me or the kids at times.

    Hope you are having a great celebration.

    • honestmum

      Wow uncanny similarities, how funny and huge congrats to you guys too, doesn’t 10 years just fly by, thanks for your lovely comment and I say go for it at your party x

  14. Nova Harley

    My absolutely favorite blog write up ever. Transfixed every sentence…by your love story. Quieter pre wine 🙂 It’s so refreshing seeing such a gorgeous couple utterly love eachother after 10 years. Honest as well, its about coming together and bringing out the best in eachother. Your Mr Honest Mum sounds sooo much like my Damien. We need them to balance us out…best of everything to you both.

    • honestmum

      Oh thanks so much Nova for your touching words, I love that so many readers can relate to our relationship and have similar sounding husbands too, we are very lucky aren’t we. Thanks for wanting to work with us both and for being so amazing to collaborate with x

  15. Babes about Town

    I just adore this post. Subtitles on the telly? Hahaha! And you with ‘oh who’s that hot guy?’ lol You crack me up lady. Huge huge congratulations to you both. You’re a beautiful couple who made a beautiful family and I love how you complement each other. In fact it makes me laugh because you sound almost exactly like Abiye and I, except you’re Abiye and I’m Peter haha (I’ll have to try that subtitles trick Pete)!

    We’re celebrating 10 years in October too and it really is an amazing milestone, you should be proud. Extra thumps on the backs for both of you for bringing those lovely boys into the world too xoxo

    • honestmum

      Oh my gosh I LOVE this comment, do you think that’s why you and I are soul sisters? Congrats to 10 years too, amazing isn’t it, to be with someone for a decade and to just love them more. Same for you guys, we are so lucky to have our boys huh (our big ‘boys’ too). Much love lady xx

  16. Elaine @ Entertaining Elliot

    Aww lovely, congratulations to you both! I got married at 21 (sounds so young doesn’t it!) but I’m here 13 years later to tell the tale and my husband and I still get along so well 🙂 xx

  17. Potty Mouthed Mummy

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! 10 years of marriage, wow. Andy and I married at a similar age and people are still so shocked by it. It just isn’t the norm anymore. I love how much Andy and I sound like you two. Opposites definitely do attract. Hope you have some wonderful celebrations planned you gorgeous pair xx

    • honestmum

      Thanks gorgeous, so true about opposites working isn’t it and I know, we were regarded as really young as people do get married older, I love that we’ve grown up together really. Thanks sweetpea and yay to you guys too x


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