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I wonder if much like myself just a month ago, you’d even heard of CBD aka Cannabidiol but hadn’t had the guts to try it yet. I hear you. Perhaps you feel a little perplexed or concerned right now about its origins, are unsure of its benefits, or simply don’t know where to start or which brand to trust when it comes to trying out CBD based products. That was me just 4 weeks ago, too.

I’d read, and even personally witnessed first-hand via friends and family how CBD had helped relieve pain in everything from serious illness to muscular aches, pains, and even anxiety and depression but I’d not felt confident enough to give CBD infused products a whirl. Until recently that is, and with reassuring and pleasing results.

More on that in a min.

Grass & Co

Firstly though, let me provide a little context and insight into what CBD actually is.

CBD is one of over 100 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant but it DOES NOT have the same psycho-activity as THC tetrahydrocannabinol, the latter, a crystalline compound that is the main active ingredient of cannabis. The former compound, CBD, can be found in a huge array of wellbeing products and you might well have seen it advertised in health food shops this summer as it seemed to take the UK by storm becoming more mainstream than before.

Like anything in life, however, you want to seek out the highest quality products made from the finest, most ethical ingredients, and Grass & Co do just that.

Grass & Co was founded by brothers Ben and Tom Grass, who turned their trust in the power of nature into a holistic health brand combining organic hemp oil with complementary botanical ingredients with a focus on relieving pain, anxiety and insomnia. Their products are made in the UK and are ethically sourced with the smallest environmental impact possible.

They have also partnered with the best suppliers of organic CBD oil where it is organically farmed using state of the art extraction and they work with highly experienced food scientists and formulation specialists ensuring they meet all of the appropriate regulations.

All batches of Grass & Co’s CBD products are tested to ensure they meet label requirements and most importantly are free of THC, heavy metals and other toxins. They’re also vegan friendly.

And, I spent the summer trying them out for you guys!

Grass and Co

…And, I’ve come to use the Grass & Co EASE CBD Body Oil daily. A luxurious, fast-absorbing oil composed of Grape, Seed, Almond and Seed oil with CBD (250mg) as well as Peppermint, Eucalyptus and healing Arnica and Tea Tree amongst other ingredients, this smelt clean and refreshing and soothed my skin instantly. It’s been a huge help in the hotter months when my skin became tanned, and will help as the weather turns and my skin becomes dry. It helped with dry patches on my elbows too to the point those sensitive areas are almost completely gone.

As I adore face oils, I even used it on my face when I went away for the weekend away and found I’d forgotten my usual moisturiser. It’s a versatile oil that works hard all over your body leaving skin soft and supple. Most importantly, it’s suitable for sensitive skin like mine, causing zero irritation. £29.50.

Body oil

For aching muscles post gym or during PMT-something I’ve written a lot about before (I ache in my arms and legs then, too), Grass & Co’s EASE CBD Muscle Balm helps to sooth my pain away. With 300g CBD, this all-natural pot has a similar fresh scent to the Body Oil but is more intensive a treatment, getting to work immediately on application. Perfect for gym bunnies, or those who feel the cold quickly (me), I usually apply it after a warm bath, massaging it into my legs, arms and tummy. It not only helps ease my pain but also sends me straight to sleep, making it the perfect addition to my usual bedtime ritual. £39.50.

Grass & Co Muscle Balm

The Grass & Co EASE CBD oil blend combines three of my all-time favourite ingredients of tumeric, ginger and orange, along with CBD and comes in either a 500 mg of CBD or 1000 mg. As someone starting out with CBD for the first time, I opted for the 500 mg product. A citrusy blend of CBD and my aforementioned faves, it was surprisingly tasty and is now part of my morning routine before I down a smoothie before the school-run! I do change out of my PJ and nightie, promise!

Grass & Co

I’ve definitely found myself more relaxed too and less of a Shouty Mum too (eek), and it’s no coincidence that my clarity and focus has sharpened since taking this oral CBD blend. The benefits were instant and they’ve lasted with use. This is the perfect starting point if you’re new to CBD, perhaps transitioning to 1000 mg down the line or during extra stressful times and to help with sleep when the clocks change.

I’m impressed!

What super products with proven benefits. Word of warning, though, these are not for children so keep out of their reach.

Wow, I’m feeling all zen now!

Let me know if you try them, won’t you?

This is a sponsored post but as always my words are honest.


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131 Responses

  1. Lynn Neal

    I have not tried these products before but would like to give them a go!

  2. Hayley Lynch

    I have problems with an achy back and tendency to sciatica trouble so would love to try x

  3. Rose

    I really appreciate your efforts for the energy and knowledge you used to write such a beautiful piece of content.

  4. holly harmsworth

    I have heard many good things about CBD products and would like to try them out

  5. Alison Johnson

    My neighbour recommended CBD as she knows I suffer from a lot of pain in my joints, but like you I have been nervous of trying it. But after reding your review I’d love to give this a go.

  6. Maddy

    I’ve been using CBD balm to try and help ease the dreadful itching I get from Pertuzamab. It’s a brilliant drug that can be a real game changer in keeping secondary breast cancer from spreading further. However, the itching is horrendous, particularly at night,

  7. Claire Nutman

    Would love to win to manage pain, looking for more natural ways to manage my condition….many thanks

  8. Helen Arlow

    I’ve heard so many good things about this, would love to see if it’s as good as others say x

  9. Justine Meyer

    I have had chronic back ache for over twenty years so would be interested to see if this would help

  10. Samantha Jane Montgomery

    I would love to win to hope it helps with my fybromyalgia. Nothing I have tried works. Thank you for the chance

  11. Kellie Steed

    I’ve been using CBD products for a while now and I find they do help for some of my illnesses. I have been meaning to try a balm for some time. but just haven’t gotten around to it. Habits and not wanting to fix the unbroken I guess. This looks and sounds great. Fingers crossed.

  12. Ruth Harwood

    This may help with my knees and the pain so I can lower my meds and have the op I so need!

  13. Jay

    I would love to get this for my Mum to try, she is in constant pain because of her back and nothing can be done. Painkillers don’t wort and she has to watch what she takes because of other medication.

  14. Beverley Leek

    I have plenty of doubts and concerns just as yourself did. Which brand, product and strength would be best for my ailments of nerve damage in my back, depression, anxiety and arthritis? There are so many out there and I don’t know anyone who has tried CBD. Your review of the muscle rub sounds reassuring and so I’d be thrilled to win and try for myself and pass on these wonderful benefits of Grass & Co’s CBD product 😊

  15. Jessica Jacob

    I would like to see whether this will help my husband, he is 3 years cancer free but wishes they chopped his leg off. I do wonder whether this will help…

  16. Vikki Bowker

    I have hEDS and I’ve tried pretty much all painkillers available from the GP with no success so now it’s time to look for other remedies.

  17. Emily Hutchinson

    I’m really suffering from sciatica at the moment, perhaps this could help?

  18. Sadiyya Maryam

    I have a slipped disc and currently going through a period of severe back pain.

  19. Peter Watson

    CBD works well for me to control the chronic pain I’m in due to my neurological condition.

  20. Lisa Parker

    I have heard lots of postitive things about CBD and I would love to try it out myself x

  21. melanie stirling

    I suffer with a lot of muscle pain so I would really like to give this a try.

  22. Lucy

    I definitely could do with some muscle balm – had a massage recently and they suggested I use it regularly because of the aches I get from working at a desk. Sounds like it would really helps!

  23. Tim Alexander

    I would love to try this because I’ve heard it might assist me with my migraines which last 3 days and cause untold misery. Hope springs eternal!

  24. Katie B

    I’d love to try this, I’ve always been curious about cbd products for pain but haven’t ever tried one!

  25. Joanne dawkins

    I suffer with eczema and dry skin, which becomes really sore when I am having a flare up. It would also be interesting if it would help me relax and unwind in the evening. I have 3 children age 2, 3 and 7. My eldest has autism and global development delay and they can be really challenging at times.

  26. Bev

    I already use CBD balm and oil for pain – I was diagnosed 18 months ago with a frozen shoulder. This diagnosis was recently found to be incorrect and it’s actually secondary tumours pressing on nerves in my chest/neck region. Of course, the OTC painkillers that the GP recommended for the “frozen shoulder” did naff-all and I turned to CBD in desperation. To my amazement, it got rid of a lot of the pain. Chemo has shrunk the tumours somewhat but I still have a little pain and always will. CBD helped me when I needed it – it doesn’t make me tired or ill like other painkillers so I stick with it.


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