Brotherly Love: An Update

For a start, my eldest son Oliver has pretty much (for now at least), got over his most recent bout of jealousy towards his younger brother Alexander, and dare I say it, they're actually playing well together. I even caught Oliver kissing his little wee sibling last night. It was what womb-stirring dreams are made of.
Alexander birthday

Baby A’s Birthday

I shall let the pictures do the 'talking'. OK, most of the 'talking'...Baby A turned 1 last Friday and we celebrated as a family (here he is with his great family friend Papu Andy (Grandpa Andy) with his beautiful birthday cake (made by a brilliant professional cake maker, not I, I'm afraid).

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Alexander

I can still refer to him as my baby right? My little darling Alexander is 1 today (Happy 1st birthday baby Alexander-I'm still calling him baby!) and I really can't believe it. I feel a little emotional and might have had a little cry. It actually feels like yesterday I brought him home from hospital, all thick black hair and chubby cheeks.

PMT Busters

PMT is of course the aptly named tense period before your ERM actual period. Lasting for anything from a day (lucky lady) to actual weeks (really) it is truly a pain in the ass (or uterus in this case) for many. Yes some see few pre menstrual symptoms while others have a horrendous old time waiting for Aunt Flipping Flo to arrive.
big brown eyes

Alexander’s New Hairstyle

So little Alexander, nearly 1 years of age has definitely got my curls-big bouncy, terribly cute ringlets of loveliness that paired with those deep brown eyes will no doubt melt a few hearts when he's older. "No, don't leave me, never marry" I wail! Thank goodness he's Greek so will live with until he's at least 30. Phew.

A Brotherly Love/Hate Relationship

Aw, soft focus pictures of our boys together kissing and cuddling, Oliver our firstborn and heir looking lovingly at his younger brother, our darling baby Alexander. Bless. Fast forward a year. Oliver realises his brother is sticking around for more than just the photo opp (and he's loud, confident and wants to play with his toys). Like forevs. The adoration is still there, sure it is. But from Alexander to his older brother. A spends his days gazing at Big Bro brimming with love and admiration.
Oliver brushing his teeth

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brushing Your Teeth

I was kindly invited to a roundtable discussion on Wednesday evening at the Charlotte Street Hotel as part of Colgate's Oral Health Month and WOW did I learn a lot about mine and my kid's teeth and how to keep them 'Simon Cowell looking healthy white and sparkly' (without the veneers of course).
peter and I

Tall for a Greek Girl…

Taken a few years ago (look we're nearly the same height... when I wear 5 inch heels)...see I am tall for a Greek girl! So at 5 foot 5 and 3/4's ( it might be a half in reality, my 3 year old couldn't steady h...

Cyprus-Remembering ‘Home’

Born in Leeds, I spent 11 years in London after university before returning to my Yorkshire roots, yet when I visit Cyprus, I somehow feel I'm home again. In 2010, I flew there solo to meet my folks who were holidaying there, so my father's Mum, my Yiayia (Grandma), could meet my firstborn Oliver. Here are some of my memories of that time there...

Not Broody, Baby

My baby Alexander will be 1 next month and after hormone inducing broodiness through a lot of his first year (sure this is nature's way to help mothers bond with their babies and mostly because A is just so damn cute), I can say I no longer feel the urge to procreate (husband is no doubt wiping his brow as he reads this). You do read my blog don't you Pete? Come on, keep the stats up dude.
Daddy and son

A Greek Sunday Lunch

Oliver admires and emulates his Daddy like no other (their bond is unbreakable) and hats off to Peter who is simply the most patient and loving father (his years of Tai Chi really come in handy at 3am when a teething baby is screaming). And breathe....