Peter and Billy

Sleeping with his Daddy.

Last night we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Billy who was suffering with kidney failure.

Billy had been our family cat, even before we were a family!

My husband Peter and I actually saved an 8 year old Billy after a neighboring family had abandoned him…he came to live in a flat with us in West Hampstead pre-kids but we knew he really needed a garden so my Dad, Papa G and Mum came to collect him one sunny afternoon and took him back to a blissful life in the countryside in Leeds.

I always remember Dad telling me that Billy miao-wed all the way down the M1 in his cat basket so they let him out in the car for a wander (not sure why!) and he promptly dived onto Dad’s knee, staying there for the remaining 3 hour journey up North. From that moment on, Dad and Billy were the best of friends and in many ways, he Dad’s first grandchild. Papa G would shower him with love and even pet Christmas presents and Billy really had a charmed life in Leeds.

Billy the cat

Billy, nicknamed Kill Bill (he liked to scratch) was an independent boy who loved nothing more than rolling around in the sunshine (shame this was such a rare occurrence in Yorkshire), loved sleeping with Daddy (see above) and in strange positions (below) and playing in the beautiful garden at my folks’ place overlooking fields of cows, a reservoir and pretty fairtyale-esque forest before we too settled in Leeds with baby Oliver in tow.

Billy in a chair

Oliver and his little brother Alexander adored Billy and towards the end of his life, he really rather enjoyed being stroked and he appreciated the children’s attentions and affection. Writing this, I still can’t believe he’s no longer here.

We are all so saddened by Billy’s passing, my Dad, husband and I have been in tears…I can’t bring myself to tell Oliver what’s happened so I’ve simply said he’s gone to live with the Vet who is looking after him. At 3, I really don’t think we need to have that conversation yet….one day but not today.

Grief is a funny thing isn’t it, be it a cat or human of course…the world keeps turning but life has changed and it’s pretty hard to take it in.


Rest in Peace Billy boy x



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30 Responses

  1. Debbie

    It is heartbreaking when we have to say goodbye to a beloved pet and having to make that call to the vets is the hardest thing in the world to have to do. You took Billy in and your parents gave him a loving home when he was left behind, which is more than many would have done.

    Maybe, one day when the time is right you will give another unloved moggie a loving home!
    Debbie recently posted…Totally Disillusioned…My Profile

  2. Only Best For Baby

    Oh honey, I’m so sorry to hear about Billy. It’s always so difficult saying goodbye to such loved pets, they are an integral part of the family. He had a wonderful life with you and your family. His memories will always be with you. Much love xxx

  3. Notmyyearoff

    I’m so sorry about Billy. He sounds like a huge part of your family who has left behind some wonderful memories. I hope you’re all ok xx

  4. Richmond Mummy

    So sorry to hear of Billy passing away – it’s really sad when you lose a much loved pet, they are part of the family 🙁 thinking of you xx

  5. Luci - Mother.Wife.Me

    Oh love, so sorry to read this, it was all sounding so hopeful when we met up last week. My childhood cat had kidney failure, he’s seem to get better, then fade away, then there’d be hope, so I know what you’ve been through and what you’ll be going through now, cats are such a huge part of your life when you have them, they truly are part of the family.

    Have a peaceful weekend xxx

    • honestmum

      @Mother.Wife.Me thanks for your touching message, sorry to hear your cat suffered the same. Kidney failure is awful as like you said he seemed to be improving then got worse. Hugs x

  6. Downs Side Up

    Oh darling I’m so sorry. Animal can have such profound effects on our lives that its difficult ehen they leave us. What a lucky cat he was to have found you. Much love x

    • honestmum

      @Katie thanks lovely, he was particular about who he let cuddle him-he loved men and boys funnily enough especially cuddles from my husband and Dad x

  7. Katie Portman

    So so sorry to hear of your loss Vicki 🙁

    Losing a beloved pet is just absolutely awful, I’ve been there twice over the last few years and I can still sob buckets thinking of my ‘boys’ (both cats) and how much I loved them and enjoyed their company. Sending you all a massive hug. It’ll get easier in a few days and you’ll always have the precious memories of your special times with handsome Billy. xxxx p.s You’ve written him a fitting obituary. What a cat 🙂 x

  8. Siobhan

    Sorry for your loss.. We recently had to put down our family dog Zoe after 16 years and devasted doesn’t cover how we’ve felt! They really are a big part of the family and its such a sad time.. I hope you take comfort in knowing you provided him with the best life he could have and lots of love xxxx


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