7 months bump

So I’m 28 weeks now (7 months) although the midwife thinks I’m a week ahead-oh boy, this is likely to be one big baby! The pics above are taken a day apart. Yes really. Front on, some folks are still suprised I’m pregnant-side on-hello BIG BUMP!

Please ignore the fact the kitchen is in total chaos 2 days in a row. You see it was for the purposes of dressing the set for the photo. Nothing to do with the fact the cat weed on the cushion covers thrown on the floor waiting to be chucked and the cleaner was on holiday. Nothing.

Right, I don’t know about you other Preggie Sue’s but it’s starting to ACTUALLY dawn on me that I will soon be having a baby- you see the problem with fairly easy going pregnancies means you have to remind yourself you’re a) actually up the duff and b) you’re not a surrogate and will soon be raising a little person.  Sure enough,  I will have 2 little monkeys. TWO. And it’s going really quickly.  And, and, and…I’m a little bit scared.

Niggly concerns keep running through my mind (usually before that golden hour pre sleep) on how I’ll cope, whether toddler O will take to his new brother OK, or you know, try and kill him like I did with my own brother, tipping him out of his moses basket before scratching his eyes out when he was a wee tiddler.

I have lots of family nearby this time around and the support I lacked due to distance with Oliver but I’m still pretty scared. I  shudder at  how tough those first few weeks/months were and how hard sleep deprivation really is.

Despite those ‘wonderful’ memories’ (and don’t get me wrong, in all seriousness there were lots and they keep on coming)  it just feels like the unknown again because we have a child already-a beautiful, active, super talkative, ‘I need constant stimulation’ toddler (help).

It just feels like somehow, this time is the first time, all over again.

Any tips much appreciated….

Photographs ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.

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17 Responses

  1. Susan Mann

    wow you look fab. I had those same worries when I had T. I was worried I couldn’t love two the same, but you do. It takes time but it all falls into places and so will Oliver, he will adore his baby brother. x

    • honestmum

      @Susan thanks lovely for compliment and advice-it’s so true that when you love your little guy so much, it becomes hard to imagine loving the next one the same but I know I will and simply can’t wait to meet my newborn baby x

  2. Grenglish

    You look amazing! Your bump is perfect, totally gorgeous.
    And, you will be fine. You have done this before and you can do it again only with so much more experience to bring.

  3. sharcasm

    First off, you look fabulous hon. It will be scary and exciting to have two little ones running around. I cannot offer you any tips, but seeing you with O, I’m convinced even with two you’ll be brilliant. x

  4. Bod for tea

    Oh I hear you! Only 5 months so far for me but completely with you on the niggly worries. It’s the sleep deprivation that worries me the most – I’m not a nice person on no sleep! And your bump? It’s gorgeous. I swear I’m the same size as you already!

    • honestmum

      So exciting though isn’t it. Do you know what you are having? My friends who had girls and boys said they got bigger quickler with girls.

  5. (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

    Oh my word how amazing do you look?! Such a gorgeous bump! And as for the worries, do you know what? I think it is only natural to have these feelings as you get towards the end of your pregnancy. I know I had the exact same worries at the end of each of mine. But it will all be fine I promise 🙂

    • honestmum

      @MostlyYummyMummy thank you gorgeous girl-don’t think they’re my best pics but husband encouraged me to post. Thanks for the vote of confidence, really means a lot as you are a total pro x

  6. Katie Portman

    This is such a timely post for me because last night I just couldn’t get to sleep worrying about my baby’s arrival!

    At 38 weeks pregnant it’s suddenly hit me HARD that soon I will have a little person to look after and whilst I am incredibly excited, I’m also pretty scared too! It is I’m sure, all part of the pregnancy / motherhood ride though 🙂

    You look amazing ( fabulous bump!) and I’m 100 per cent certain when your little addition to the family arrives, you’ll be absolutely fine. xxx

    • honestmum

      @KatiePortman aw shucks thank you beautiful lady. Good to hear we are all in the same boat-and you too will be totally fine too xx

  7. Samantha Hadadi

    You look mindblowingly gorgeous – and how glamorous do you look too?! Totally rocking that bump, lady 🙂

    I also get the pre-sleep worries. I think it is totally normal, right? But as my mum always says – plenty of people do it, love it and make it the most amazing thing they’ve ever done. We can and will! x

    • honestmum

      @Samantha thank you so much Heidi Klum! Not feeling totes glamorous I can tell you-love your Mum (she sounds like mine) and she is so right xxx


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