Welcome back everyone and those with kids starting or returning back to school, I hope your kids are all settling in well.

Xander has his first day on Friday and Oliver started a new school in Year 3, today. It’s been an emotional time but we’re all loving Windsor life here, and are deliriously happy. My only wish is that my close friends and family could have moved South with us because I miss them madly.

Oliver’s day went well today and we’re keeping our fingers crossed the boys will be able to get into the same school at some point.

This week, I literally couldn’t decide which post to highlight so I’ve added a few. My post on the 5 ways I’ve improved my Life  went a little bit cray last week and was read by lots, which really brought it home to me how much we’re committed to creating changes to make our lives more meaningful and happy. Read it to help you get the best out of life too.

Vicki and son

I’ve also got a super competition for you where you can win the entire Herbal Essences range (I’m an ambassador for this brilliant hair care brand).

Honest Mum is a Herbal Essences ambassador

I’ve also JUST written a post on how a ton of random acts of kindness today, transformed my day. If you need a boost, don’t miss it!

Honest Mum

Now, please do link up lots of your own posts and vlogs/videos below, old or new and connect with one another.

Linkes are a great way:

  1. To boost SEO with comments offering you back links to your sites with many blogs offering do-follow links too.
  2. A way to connect and hopefully collaborate with other like-minded creatives.
  3. They offer you PR and visibility thanks to comments so leave meaningful words on one another’s posts/videos once you’ve read and watched them.
  4. They’re fun and inspiring! Enjoy!

I’ve also set up the Honest Mum Group on FB where you can plug your posts/businesses there and as with this linky, it’s not just for parents. Please add yourselves: everyone is welcome and it’s already a supportive, inspiring community.

Thanks guys,


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23 Responses

  1. Suze Cooper

    Thanks Vicki, I think I have finally got my head round The Linky. I’m feeling such a newbie, but then everyone has to start somewhere. x

  2. Michelle Frank | Flipped-Out Food

    I do hope your boys have a wonderful first week at school. My stepkids have started school as well: the oldest is away at university for the first time, the middle child is a junior in high school, and the youngest is in 7th grade. May your life in Windsor continue on its deliriously happy trajectory!

  3. Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb

    Vicki thank you for hosting – you must be so exhausted with all the changes going on right now!! Congrats on the HE campaign again, you truly deserve such a great partnership…!

    Happy Wednesday 🙂

    Catherine x


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