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Welcome back people, it’s #brilliantblogposts time again! Thanks so much for all the amazing posts linked up last week and for making this linky FLY!

This week I’m linking up a post on the truly inspiring and super fun Tots100’s Blog Camp where I hosted a workshop on being on-camera, sharing my tips both behind the lens as a director and in front as a blogger and vlogger.

I’ve included my top 10 on camera tips in the post linked up, so do check it out HERE.

Top 10 On Camera Tips

For those who caught that or aren’t interested in being on film, do check out my post Be Who You Want to Be. It’s one of my all time most popular posts and was also published on Huffington Post yesterday. I hope it inspires, and reassures those wanting to change direction, those wanting and daring to dream big. Go for it!

I also want to say a great, big thank you to those who voted for me in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards, I’ve made the shortlist (yay) in the ‘Style’ category and would love to make it to the finals.

While voting for all the incredible talent there, please do consider my blog. If you like what I do and appreciate my style and fashion posts, please do vote for me HERE entering your name, address and clicking on Honest Mum.

I must say, I have a special place in my heart for the Bibs. I was a finalist in the Fresh Voice category in 2010, 4 weeks after starting this blog, and that nod gave me the confidence to get back on set as a director, and eventually become a full time blogger. I made it to the finals in the Video category in 2013 but haven’t scooped an award yet. I would be absolutely honoured to be a finalist this year.

I do want to add too, that I was sad not to see so many of my own personal favourite bloggers shortlisted and wanted to remind everyone of their brilliance, that awards are not the marker of worth, we all have individual, unique and valuable voices we bring to this exciting blogging platform and mustn’t let disappointments deter us from shining.

I always think of my all-time favourite director Martin Scorsese when it comes to awards season ( I was lucky enough to stand next to him at the Cannes Film Festival a few years back, although I was so starstruck I couldn’t speak which says a lot when it comes to me). Anyway, ‘Marty’ lost out, not once but 5 times, on winning an Oscar before scooping his first for The Departed in 2006. Unbelieveable. Did Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas and all his other classics, mean any less because they didn’t win gold statues? Nope. 

Keep truckin’ like Scorcese, I say. 

Now, please do add your blog posts, as many as you like, across all genres and go share that beautiful blog love.


Vicki x

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52 Responses

  1. Donna O'Toole

    Wow, well done for becoming a (highly deserved) BIBs finalist and good luck on the night!

    Thank you for the linkup opportunity..I can’t wait to leap in and read all these brilliant posts…hurrah for another great reason to avoid the chores today!


    • honestmum

      Oh I’m not a finalist lovely, shortlisted, would love a vote though to help me hopefully become a finalist. Thanks for linking up x

  2. The DADventurer (Dave)

    Number 1 on the list (well, number 3 after yours)! That means I can officially retire from blogging having reached my main goal. Thanks for hosting 🙂

  3. John Adams

    First of all, thank you for hosting such a great linky and very best of luck in the BiBs. Vry good point you make about Scorses. Enjoy Cannes, sure you’ll have a great time.

  4. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks

    Ooh congrats, I am going to take tonight’s night feed to go through all the bib nominations to find some lovely blog posts and vote! And I LOVED your huff post piece was chuckling away to myself xx

  5. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Yeah! Congrats on Tots100, Huffington Post and the BIBs! So cool. Happy for you! Thanks also for the party, for hosting and for having me. Happy to have you back, missed seeing your face!

  6. Ann Winters

    Many congrats on being shorlisted for bibs! I will surely vote for you! You are one of my fav bloggers and you inspire me so much, and your blogging tips? They are so useful! And many congrats for being published on the Huffington post! I will be reading later on that post for yours 🙂 x

  7. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    Thanks for hosting lovely and congratulations/good luck for the BiB’s.I am off to read your inspiring posts 🙂 Also a huge Scorsese fan here so can understand why you were completely starstruck…he’s the master right?!

  8. Steph @MisplacedBrit

    Thanks for hosting hun x
    LOVE YOUR HUFFPOST post! Well, I loved it already, but just want to tell you the HUGE smile I had on my face when I saw this morning that you’d be published there too 😀
    – Love it!

  9. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Congrats on being shortlisted, that’s amazing! Thank you for hosting this amazing linky, I’m looking forward to going through & commenting on your & other posts now. #brillblogposts :)x

  10. Ann Krembs

    I just voted! Vicki you’re amazing! I hope you win. You do so much to build community and you have amazing style. Keep up the great work!


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    PS Where do I find the form to contribute to the Pinterest board?

  11. RC @ Going Dad

    Hey, congrats on the articles and BiB shortlist! I just voted and hope you make it to the top! I missed out on last week’s #brilliantblogposts so glad to be back this week! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Debbie

    Hi Vicky, didn’t realize Martin Scorsese missed out on so many Oscars before winning. I recently watched Goodfellas (yet again), a classic film for sure.

    Will be back later, thank you for hosting!


  13. Mummy Tries

    Congrats again on your BiBs shortlist hon, and on the recent Huffington Post blogs.

    I’m linking a fab competition to mark my two year bloggerversary, and also a Vlog to share my insights after a year on GAPS!

    Have a fab day xx

  14. Jules

    Thanks for hosting this. I always find great reads here. Congrats on the short list. I sooo think you deserve to win!x

  15. Michelle twin mum

    Good luck in the BIBs Vicki, I hope you do well. I like the point you make with Scorsese as I’ve been a finalise in both bibs and mads about 8 times and now I feel better about never having scooped one! Mich x

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much, so true isn’t it, not about the winning, as lovely as it is, you rock and that’s all that counts x


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