Brilliant Blog Posts

Brilliant Blog Posts 22nd October 2015

Brilliant Blog Posts

Welcome to the most empowering and (Sasha) fiercest linky in town!

Yup you’ve guessed it, for this week’s #Brilliantblogposts I am linking up to Queen Bey and my latest post on the First Lady of Pop’s most kick-ass quotes!

queen bey

I’ve always been a huge fan of Queen Bey, and she continues to inspire me to this day- whenever I feel busy with work, I always remind myself of the famous saying, ‘you have exactly the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce’ (if only I had her staff and budget- #lifegoals though right?!)

Talking of #lifegoals I’m excited to announce that I’m now publishing a daily vlog over on my Honest Mum YouTube Channel where you can follow my blogging adventures, and sweet family time.

I was terribly late to the YouTube party, setting up an account ages ago but never posting. As a TV and film director, I just couldn’t get my head around short videos online as I was used to big crews on set (and that’s despite making digital commercials too)- but over the years spending more time in front of the camera in campaign films and on the box, encouraged me to just go for it.

My husband Peter, camera-shy himself, has been a big driving force in this. He recently encouraged me to get a new Canon G7X which has an awesome flip screen, ideal for vlogging- and I was off!

I’ve popped day 1’s video on the linky too if you fancy a watch and please do subscribe to my channel!

And you know what, the more you practise something and it becomes more natural, the easier it is to speak and simply be yourself on camera. I am absolutely loving it. I really must take my own advice, more often!

…Without further ado this vlog below should entertain you guys, as I get my ‘Nigella’ on for Red Tractor Beef and Lamb’s Mini Roast Cook-off and share an interview with the wonderful actress Fay Ripley (whom I introduce as Tina Fey!). The video also features lots of fab bloggers I got to hang out with in the Big Smoke, many you’ll no doubt recognise. Too much fun, I tell you! 

Last but my no means least, we’ve had some incredibly exciting news as my brother’s fiancée Lucy gave birth to little baby Zachary yesterday. Born at just 31 weeks, nearly 32, he is the teeniest bundle of joy but both bambino and mama are doing well and I’m excited to spoil them both rotten.

I hope you guys have had a super week, I can’t wait to check out your posts!

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