Wow, it’s that time again (are the weeks getting quicker or is this what happens when you get older, you lose track of time!)…Anyway, welcome back to #Brilliantblogposts and a chance to share your posts and videos on my linky. You can add old, new and as many pieces as you like. No limits!!!

This week I’m sharing the darker side to being a blogger and vlogger: dealing with derogative comments and trolls. Of course, it’s an inevitable side to a mostly positive career but one I wanted to share here, especially after being told I look fat in the picture below on Facebook.

Honest Mum

Luckily, I’m a fairly strong person but no one should be at the receiving end of thoughtless and potentially hurtful comments. No one. However strong they appear online or in real life. I’ve had a tough few years and whilst I respect my body, if I’d heard this whilst suffering from a trumatic birth or at a time I felt incredibly low (there have been many of those), I wouldn’t have taken it so well.

You can read my post HERE.

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24 Responses

  1. Mandy

    You look stunning in that photo Vicki! Honestly, I just don’t get what would motivate someone to comment something that is not only mean and horrible but totally untrue. Stay strong lady!

  2. Suzy Turner

    You look bloody gorgeous!! I don’t understand why some people are just so cruel. It makes me sad to think about it, but I won’t let them get to me and I hope you won’t let them get to you either <3
    Suzy xx

  3. Susan Mann

    I really don’t get why people are horrible to others. How would they like it? Thanks for hosting and hugs xx

  4. msmamabean

    I would just like to say, you look awesome! It’s sad that people feel the need to put others down and I’m upset to have to bring my boy up in a world like this. We need stronger role models like you! #Brilliantblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you, so touched by your words. There are so many wonderful people out there like you all, restores my faith xx

  5. Lucy At Home

    I can’t believe anyone would say that, especially looking at that picture – you look gorgeous! Thanks for hosting #brillblogposts 🙂

  6. Rebecca Smith

    I saw you mention that this week Vicki, I would be a wreck if anyone trolled me, sad but true. Well done for writing about it the, best use of talent and energy xx


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