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Hey guys, welcome back to #Brilliantblogposts, the linky open to all bloggers across every genre, a chance to discover great new reads, make friends, contacts and feel inspired whilst boosting engagement and traffic to the posts which matter to you!

This week, I’m linking up a piece I wrote today on the fact that real friendship feels easy. Like all relationships, friendship shouldn’t feel like hard work and when it does, it’s often time to reevaluate whether that person deserves your time. It’s already resonated with many so do go take a look.


Last week, I also wrote about the importance of taking people as you find them, giving others a PROPER chance, not being led by others’ views, clouded by them or even your own preconceptions. You can read that HERE too, if you fancy it.

take people as you find them

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You get out, what you put in, people. Most of all, have fun and be inspired!

Thanks to everyone for joining in, I adore reading your posts each week,

Vicki x


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21 Responses

  1. MyCityMyLondon

    It is so hard to find true friends! I have met a lot of back stabbers. Now I have a handful of small but loyal friends:)

  2. Laura Wilson

    I’ve just had a look at some of your latest recipes – OMG delish!! Thank you for hosting as always, I hope you have a great week xx

  3. Bringing up the Berneys

    Hello! I’m not sure I’m doing this right but I’ll try anyway! Love your posts, only managed to read a couple so far in between nap-times and other mummy business haha, but I look forward to reading more though! – Becky xo

  4. Neisha

    I love reading this post. I thought I was alone on this planet, there are people in my circle who just take so much of my energy. It is hard for me because I have someone in my family that always calls and wants to come to my house and visit but I always feel obligated to have this person in my house and order to make this person happy. I’m a very introverted person as well.

    • Honest Mum

      Time to create boundaries Neisha and start taking control of your time and space, you don’t have a duty to have anyone around you OK x

  5. Hayley - Downs Side Up

    I have to say as I age I am reducing my circle of really good friends more and more. As you say, the friendship has to be easy and I don’t have the energy to invest time in relationships that bring negativity. Keep up the good work Vicki x


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