Welcome to a rather regal edition of Brilliant Blog Posts! No need to¬†curtsy…oh well, go on then if you insist ūüėČ

This week I’m sharing a post on the premier of ITV’s brand new must-see drama ‘Victoria’ which took place at Kensington Palace no less last week-I feel so flipping grateful and a bit shocked when I receive invites like this and I felt privileged to watch the first episode with cast and crew at such an intimate event.

Starring the gorgeous and extremely talented Jenna Coleman, Victoria is frankly¬†going to knock your socks off so don’t leave the couch on Aug 28th at 9pm for British drama at its best combining lavish production values with mesmerising performances and a gripping storyline that focuses on the early years of the notorious monarch, Queen Victoria.

How stunning does she Jenna look in her floral Erdem dress…What a beauty!

Vicki of Honest Mum and Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman actressYou can read all about the premier here

And, with the new school term fast approaching (and Scottish school already starting), I’m also linking up a post sharing a week of¬†perfect balanced lunch boxes with Hartley’s Jelly Pots¬†so don’t miss that either!

Kids Lunch Boxblackcurrent Hartley's Jelly Pot




I want to end on a slightly sombre but hopefully uplifting note.

Today, the family car caught on fire during a general servicing- and I feel so grateful that my family and I were not in it at the time. We so easily could have been and it’s because of PMT (something I ironically get cranky about here that we didn’t go for a long drive to the supermarket last night)… I had a niggly feeling something was wrong with the car yesterday and despite not being an old vehicle, could smell something off, something no one else could smell either. Please, people, always follow your gut on these things, however¬†ridiculous they might seem.

What happened today has contextualised many silly worries for me. I am just feeling so grateful we are safe.

I am just feeling so incredibly grateful we are all safe.

I want to say a great big thank you to you guys too, I feel like you lot are my mates, always there to support and champion me and one another too.

I feel honoured and touched you choose to join me every week to share your posts and videos here, to comment, RT or simply drop an email to show you care. I don’t feel I’m anyone particularly special, just a blogger who wants to connect with other people and make them feel they are not alone. Whilst my life can be glamorous at times (I’m usually banging out posts in my PJs in reality), my family is my world.

I never feel special or superior to anyone, I am a blogger and a mama who simply wants to connect with others and make them feel they’re not alone. I want everyone to truly know their worth and to simply go out into this online and real life world and make their dreams happen.

Whilst my life can sometimes be glamorous (I’m usually banging out posts in my PJs in reality) and my family is my world.

I know this is one ugly cry face soppy end to the week but I wanted you to know how much I value every one of you who visits my blog, every single day. Thank you.

Big Fat Greek Love to you all xx

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36 Responses

  1. Fran Back With a Bump

    Oh my God how scary and how lucky you weren’t in the car. PMT or not you have every right to be soppy! So glad to hear you blog in your pj’s too!! #brillblogposts

  2. Isabel

    I added my most recent post, which was a scary post for me to write but I also found it really therapeutic to write. I’ve never done one of these link up things before so I hope I did it right!
    As always, I love your posts and living vicariously through you, you get up to such amazing things! x

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks so much Isabel, well done on writing the post, the scariest ones are the one that matter most I always find, I will head to read it asap x

  3. Kirsten Wick

    I can’t wait for ‘Victoria’, I’m just obsessed with series like that. Have a great weekend, Kirsten xx


  4. rachel

    Im still so shocked this happened, but so glad you were all ok.. Big hugs to you my lovely friend. And can i just say, i dont watch much TV but i will be watching Victoria! You’ve completely sold it to me (just watched your vlog) and im a huge Jenna coleman fan(read: Girl crush haha), she was my inspo to get my hair cut short as i absolutely loved her with a bob haircut!
    Anyway thanks so much for hosting, if i dont speak to you before have a wonderful holiday and catch up when you get back

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks my darling, was such a scary thing to have happened, so grateful we weren’t in the car. Jenna Coleman is so utterly gorgeous-total fan girl here too. You will adore Victoria. Catch up soon sweetie xx

  5. Eb Gargano

    Oh Vicki – How awful! Thank goodness you and your family are OK! I had a similarly scary experience this week…I was jogging up the high street and watched in horror as a van drove into a motorbike…luckily the motorcyclist was OK and just really shaken up, but it could have been so much worse and in fact, if I had been running a tiny bit faster I would have been caught up in it (thank goodness I’m such a slow runner!) These things really put stuff into perspective don’t they? Life is so short and so precious. Sending big hugs. Xx

    • Honest Mum

      Oh goodness what a scare for you too, so glad you and the person on the bike were OK. So important to feel grateful, thanks lovely xx

  6. Kate Orson

    What a good twist of fate that you weren’t in the car at the time! I look forward to reading your other posts. I never knew there was such a thing as sugar free jelly! #brilliantblogposts

  7. Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb

    OMG Vicki thank goodness you’re okay!! You’re so right about trusting your gut, it’s just not worth risking things if you get a sense of foreboding doom *especially* when it comes to big things like cars and stuff.

    About to head over to read your post about the premiere… HOW stunning does JC look in her Erdem dress? Almost as gorgeous as you!!!!!!

    Thank you for hosting sweetie xx

    • Honest Mum

      Haha, too kind beautiful-that dress was exquisite huh! Such a wonderful evening and show. So glad we weren’t in the car, scary xx

  8. teacuptoria

    Eeek! so lucky you weren’t in the car! What a close call and well done for trusting your gut. Such a nice post ūüôā The premier of Victoria must have been wonderful and I can’t wait to watch it. I’m a huge fan on Queen V. and love any new period dramas on her. Hope you’re having a fabulous summer lovely! xxx

  9. Mim

    Oh lovely how scary about the car – I’m so so glad you and your family were not in it – you are so right about trusting your gut x and both you and Jenna look amazing! x x

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks so much gorgeous, scary we could have been in it. Feel so lucky. The premiere was amazing, Jenna is so beautiful x

  10. Lou

    Thank goodness you were not in it and thank goodness you trusted your instinct- oh my. These things just make us take stock massively and we have to appreciate every day. I have nearly forgotten to write about the lovely glamorous bit above- still thinking about your car- beautiful photos and a very exciting thing to be invited to, you glam girl! We can live vicariously through your posts vicki before our glam time comes (I am rather proud of that sentence-lol) keep writing and hosting we love you too XX

  11. Rainbowsaretoobeautiful

    Oh my, thank goodness you weren’t on the car and all safe. Like you say these moments remind us of how precious life really is. It sounds like I’m going to be glued to another British Drama when Victoria comes out. I do like how we do them. Thanks again for hosting #brillblogposts

  12. Kat

    Aww, Vicki, that must have been terrifying. Glad you’re all OK. I am sure we can all appreciate you work hard for the glamour and it’s a well-deserved reward. I love reading about all the great things you get up to! We also know that you’re a mum and sometimes (ok, a lot of times!), that isn’t all glamour. But, we’d never change it! :o) x


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