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Welcome back to #Brilliantblogposts guys, as per the new rules of the party, link up blog posts as per but also social handles and urls too.

We’ve all been hit with the flu and caring for my youngest whilst battling the bugs hasn’t been easy but I feel like we’re all on the mend. I’ve linked up a post on a lesson in self-care as I’m determined to look after myself this year. I hope it inspires you.

Honest Mum

It’s my eldest Oliver’s 8th birthday today so I’ve done everything I could to make it special with a little breakfast party and a trip to McDonald’s tonight. He’s having a bowling party with a mini disco with his besties soon which is basically birthday goals right??! (Think I might have to copy next year) and I’ve blogged a short piece on what a mature, thoughtful child he is (something to embarrass the heck out of him with on his wedding day, hey).


As always, come link up your work, celebrate yourselves and have fun.

I also have an Honest Mum FB Group (for all, not just mums where you can share your work and ask questions of me and the community). I hope you’ll join,

Speak soon


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20 Responses

  1. Katy Andrews

    Hi everyone please check out my husbands Facebook page if you know anyone who needs a chef for a ? wedding ? patties etc please share Thankyou. He has been a senior chef for over 20 years. K x

  2. Clare

    Hi! I’m over at I’m a new mum so have just started blogging about this amazing, wonderful, exhausting new adventure along with posts on mental health, PCOS and general lifestyle bits too. Look forward to chatting with you all!

  3. Lazy Daisy Jones

    Hello Gorgeous!
    I do hope you are feeling better today?
    Thank you for hosting, I must sign up then i will always remember to join in!
    bestest wishes
    Ashley x

  4. Berni

    poor you. Not the best way to start the year. Hope you are on the mend. Birthday celebrations sound fab x Happy New Year Vicki

  5. jodie filogomo

    I hope you all get well soon. There’s nothing like being sick to make us realize how good we feel when we aren’t sick….

  6. Laurie

    Another one bites the dust. Is there anyone who isn’t getting hit by this dreadful flu bug? I’m just getting over it too. Horrible. I hope you all recover asasp xx

  7. Kate Holmes

    Really hope you get well soon and perhaps your body telling you to take it a little easier especially after your loss last year. These things will catch up with us. Thanks for hosting.

  8. Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb

    Vicki nooooooooooooo not you as well!! My husband’s been ill with a hideous hacking cough for nearly three weeks, his Christmas was rubbish poor thing and I’ve been sniffly for all the festive period too. It’s so depressing!! Do take as much care of yourself as much as possible so that you can look after everyone else too, your poor family!

    Thank you for hosting lovely lady, off to read your self-care post (oh, the irony…)

    C x


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