brilliant blog posts-Honest MumHey guys, this week’s #brilliantblogposts has come around sooner than usual as I’m in London on Wednesday and Thursday so wanted to go live before I go.

I’ve got some exciting meetings while I’m there before treating my Mum to a pre-London Fashion Week party on Wednesday evening I’ve been invited to by Pinterest. I now just need to decide on what to wear!

Fear not, I’ll be sharing the fun with you all next week, I promise!

So this week, as always, please add your blog posts, as many as you like, of all genres to the linky, pop my badge at the bottom of each post you’ve added or link back to me and of course, go share the blog love. Commenting on at least 3 posts minimum is usually a good start.

…I can’t seem to edit the hashtag in inlinkz and most prefer the full one #brilliantblogposts so do include that if you want when you refer to it on social media!

Huge, massive thanks to you all lovely lot for linking up-the speed at which it’s growing is amazing, I even have bloggers from the US and Oz linking up and there were nearly 200 posts added last week.

However due to the huge numbers linking, I sadly can’t comment on every post. So sorry about that!

I, myself, always link 2 posts at the top of the linky, and although I used to ask you to kindly comment on at least one of them, please don’t feel an obligation to at all, if you fancy it great, otherwise no worries!

This week, I’m sharing the great Daddy Blogger of Papa Tont, and soldier Tony Pitt’s view on Valentine’s Day , the second in my #whosthedaddy series and I’m also linking up a delicious garlic pizza bread recipe that might just make you want to lick your screen!

Do tweet me @honestmummy and I will always RT your linked up urls, to my 12.2k followers.

Please tell your friends about this linky too, everyone is welcome!

..Now go have some bloggy fun!

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38 Responses

  1. Ann Winters

    It´s always nice to learn about other blogs, particular dad blogs, its always good to learn whats on their mind…!I really enjoyed reading Papa Tont´s post about valentine´s day, I had no idea about its origins! I hope you had fun in London,and thank you for hosting again!x

  2. Caro | The Twinkles Momma

    Thanks for hosting treasure! Have just spent an hour commenting on a good few posts!! Still have to comment on yours — looking forward to seeing what you finally decide on, clothes wise, for your party!! So exciting!! X

  3. Peter

    Hi all! So glad to be a part of this awesome community! I’m still relatively new to the BLOGGING WORLD. My little one is 9 months old. I’m looking forward to checking everyone else’s writing out! Come check out Sorry Son: Chronicles of a New Dad… peruse at your own leisure there is lots to see and read (and hopefully laugh!!)

  4. Mamamuselovelyshoes

    Thanks for allowing me to link up, and for the RT, I cannot wait to see what you wear for LFW, I am waiting with baited breath to see all the catwalk shows on youtube.

    Love LFW, Love Blogging, Love too!


    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, it was a pre #LFW party and was so much fun, will share next week, promise. So glad you like my style blog too, means a lot x

  5. Debbie

    Hi Vicki, congratulations on hosting such a popular link up. You must be something right to get so many people linking up and I’m sure that even if you can’t get around to everyone, it’s not going to make any difference.

    Linking up now, will be back to browse and read later…xx

  6. Ann Krembs

    Thank you for this! I’d like to declare that, “You are BRILLIANT!”

    Have a great time in London. And lucky you!! Fashion week festivities!!


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb


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