winter photographMy husband Peter is pretty much a genius behind the camera (he’s the most humble dude you could meet so will no doubt be cringing at that description) but hey he’s got a gift as those who follow this blog or my instagram feed can see and I want to shout about it!

I’m not too shabby shooting myself, but work life sure is easier with a personal paparazzo to snap me and the kids, along with other shots I need for both my blogs and Peter is passionate about photography thankfully. No selfie-sticks needed here then!

…Going through old files (back up your work, people), I happily discovered these quite frankly breathtaking landscapes taken by Peter in Leeds, Yorkshire which this post being dedicated specifically to views either from my parents or our house or close to where we live.


dramatic landscape

I want to start sharing his work regularly, finding a space here to create a photo series for you all to enjoy.

…We were both blown away by the response on Twitter, FB and Instagram when I shared a few of his photos, with hundreds of RT’s, shares and even requests to buy prints.

…Peter is an IT whizz by day working for IBM but he’s also been commissioned on projects for me, mostly in fashion, thanks to this blog and Mummy’s Got Style.

He’s in the process of creating a new website and there’ll be lots of exciting ways you can enjoy his work more, coming soon!

For now though, why not take a moment out of your day and simply relish these happy-making beauties below:

Parents garden:


Closer view from my parents’ house-their garden overlooks fields, a reservoir and a pretty fairytale-esque winding forest, below.

fields, Leeds


We really feel so lucky to live in lovely Yorkshire, my folks’ house and our own are but a mere 15 minutes apart, both overlooking the open countryside- and it sure makes life feel that bit sweeter filling our lungs with fresh air and waving to ponies on the school run!

I once painted this view and aged 17, exhibited and sold the piece in a Belgravia art gallery.

Yorkshire countryside

A sole feather hangs on to tightly to the ears of wheat.

wheat fields

Another shot taken from my parents’ garden. Rolling clouds above bails of hay. Dreamy.

the most beautiful landscape in the world

pretty landscapeNearby forest, the branches, spidery silhouettes against a silver sky.

forestForestI love the cinematic feel of the photo below, the clarity of the image, the drama of the darkening sky-it’s just stunning.


Below, the symmetry of the trees which dance in the breeze-I often take this route for runs when the weather allows. This was snapped in Autumn.


A sole cloud, other-worldly and the late afternoon flare of the sun.

sun flare

A regular windy walk we take as a family near my parents’ home.



SunsetYorkshireI adore these wintery shots-white snow reflects the light and makes everything look so crisp, clean and serene.

The snow here, reminds me of crushed ice drinks, I want to dive right in!


snowy landscapeFinally, for now, the river by our home.


Watch this space (literally) for more photo posts in the near future and do follow me on Instagram and Pinterest too to keep track of Mr Honest Mum’s photography.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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127 Responses

  1. Emma T

    They really are beautiful photos. Makes me want to really improve my photos and get out in our fields and take some pics. Don’t think they’d ever be as stunning though.

  2. Me, You and Magoo

    You’re not joking about them being ‘breathtaking’! Really love the feather one, it actually made me feel quite emotional looking at it. After my Dad passed away in 2006, I used to spot white feathers & pick them up & keep in a tin. #BrilliantBlogPost

  3. Joanna @mumbalance

    Wow! These are amazing and lifelike images. I especially like the one with a single feather in the field of wheat.
    Your husband should certainly consider following his dream and ditching IT – unless this is something he also enjoys doing.
    Thanks for hosting #brilliantblogposts

  4. Katie / Pouting In Heels

    Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful images! Has he thought about doing an exhibition?! Seriously I bet a local gallery near you guys or your parents would love to display these.

    Truly gorgeous and what a talent! Please do keep sharing more. It’s a very tough choice but the feather pic got me. Just stunning (and poetic).

    Thanks for sharing darling – (oh and don’t let all the amazing compliments go to his humble head *winks* x


    • honestmum

      Hahah I won’t chick, thanks for your lovely words- he actually worked for the huge Publicis ad agency while at uni and they exhibited his work then but not since. I think the restaurants could showcase some of these pieces too don’t you think? He’s had requests for sales off the back of this post on social media, the response has really been amazing. Lovely to get to show off his talent xx

  5. Caro | The Twinkles Momma

    Vickster — these are bloody amazing!!! Your boy is super-talented!!! I love a beautiful landscape but very often a photograph doesn’t seem to do it justice. These on the other hand… wow! So beautiful. I particularly like the tree with the nests. Really eerie and so graphic. Have they been manipulated afterwards — or does he use filters? They are so contrasty — the colours are just breathtaking!! Cx

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, (love you called me Vickster, my besties call me that and it always makes me smile)! He does use photoshop but I’ve seen the raw images and they are not dissimilar, he really is gifted huh, so glad you liked the post darling x

  6. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    Vicki… words fail me. They’re not just “my husband takes really nice pictures” photos (the sort of thing a lot of people would say about their OH) – they are abso-flippin-lutely INCREDIBLY beautiful photos. I always know when I’m lost for words when something in a post really, really impresses me because all my exclamation marks go out the window.

    So I’m serious when I say he really has a talent for this – I’m a photographer (with a degree in the subject) and I’ve never taken a shot half as gorgeous as any of these! (ooh there goes an exclamation mark! And she’s off!)

    Whilst they’re all amazing, my personal fave is the out of focus blades of grass in front of the wheat field. You could sell that as a poster!!!!!!!!

    You’re right to be super proud of him. Simply stunning…!

    Catherine x

    • honestmum

      Wow what a flipping ah-mazing, touching comment, your photography is incredible so I know this will mean a lot to Peter, thanks lovely lady xx

  7. Juliet McGrattan

    The colours and richness, the calming effect and ability to transport you to another place make these photos very special. Look forward to more of these wonderful galleries. J x

  8. JoyandPops

    These are such amazing pictures – I love that he’s showing Yorkshire off in all it’s glory (not biased at all!).
    I’m super jealous, what an amazing talent to have!


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