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Breaking Driving Myths with Michelin-Sponsored Post

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Breaking driving myths with Michelin…

Yep that’s me right there (above), albeit a more cartoon looking, blonder more Caucasian version of me but nonetheless like the lady above, I’m blindly believing urban driving myths as she is. Safety and saving money when it comes to running my car is paramount so I need to know the do’s and don’ts and differentiate the myths from the realities when it comes to driving.

car-Cannes-Honest Mum

My imaginary car above (perfect for the school run) clocked in Cannes-well a girl can dream right! Look at the size of those tyres! What a mean machine!

Thanks to Michelin, I’m now a lot wiser than I was before and I wanted to share what I’ve learnt with you. So, go and reap the benefits people. You’re welcome!

Travelling short distances around town is actually not great for your tyres. Not what you thought right? Short, local journeys off dual carriageways and motorways mean your tyres wear down quicker because they’re doing more work, with harder braking and accelerating and a lot more frequently too. All that stopping, starting, picking up kids from nursery and school and back again is doing your tyres in. Literally.

More so, approximately 60%** of accidents happen in urban areas at low speed. So you, like me need a tyre that offers long-lasting performance without compromising yours and your family’s safety.

And longevity and safety are usually two contradictory performance factors when it comes to tyres but thanks to MICHELIN Total Performance, new technology is on our side.

The MICHELIN Energy Saver+ lasts approximately 30%**** longer than its competitors and gives you around 10%**** more contact with the road surface for excellent grip.

Thank you Michelin!

…And they’ve really done their research too, in a bid to discover how people really drive and what needs should be met by their tyres, they invited 3,000 drivers across Europe to join a live experiment to understand how real people drive in real everyday situations.

Check out the video below to find out more and see how you too can get involved if you fancy:

Have I broken a driving myth for you? More to come over the coming months so look out for the posts!

*Michelin internal studies.
**Institute for Traffic Accident Research (VUFO) University of Technology Dresden:
12,000 accidents analysed over 12 years.
***On average, compared to its main competitors in the European Market, based on
the major market tyre sizes. Tests by DEKRA 2009-2013 & AutoBild 2011-2013.
****Compared with the previous generation

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