Boys’ Holiday in England and Wales

So ‘passportgate’ was rather stressful but it sort of all ended up for the best with each of our sons getting undivided attention and time from my husband and I respectively.

I enjoyed Marbella with my toddler and folks and Oliver and Daddy had a truly wonderful week in the UK with sunny adventures in Yorkshire where we live, and mini breaks in Liverpool, Southport and Anglesey in Wales, fishing, catching crabs, playing in fields, visiting castles and having lots of father-son bonding time.

The shots below that Peter took of their week are simply awe-droppingly wondrous, and I felt happy and sad in equal measure that the twosome had so much fun together and that I missed out on their escapades.

Next time…

Here is what they got up to-

One of this family’s happy places, a stomping ground since my childhood, Peter and Oliver spent a day in beautiful Bolton Abbey-

Bolton Abbey

Yorkshire Dales

Bolton Abbey

english countryside

river and abbey




Bolton Abbey

Peter informed me that my little adventurer crossed the bridge holding hands with Daddy and discovered this tiny beach himself…

river wharf


Another day was spent at the world-renowned Eureka science museum in Halifax outside of Leeds, for a stimulating, educational day of exploration and fun.



I love his concentration in this massive sand pit outside, in the museum grounds. The sunny temperatures in the UK that week, meant lots of outdoor fun for the ‘boys’-

Science MuseumInside, Oliver played science based games, learnt about his body and picked up this spooky eyeball from the gift shop!

Science museum

science museum

Here he posts a package at the children’s post office in the museum. I love how it encourages independence and offers children real life experience. I often let Oliver post letters for me but a package, he’s yet to send. Until now.


Oliver controls the water levels in the bathroom operating a shower and jacuzzi on site.


Here, you are encouraged draw a recent dream on a piece of paper as a memory prompt, or alternatively, if you note a nightmare you can dispose of it in the elephant’s’ mouth-a great way to deal with, and overcome fears and anxiety.

Science museum

Below is a simulated X-ray to show what’s inside your body. Oliver is fascinated with biology and often says he’d like to be a doctor when he grows up. Museums like Eureka really support young children’s education and plant the small seeds that can potentially affect life choices and most importantly they make science appealing for all.

You’re an active participant at Eureka, learning by doing.

science museum


scan in progress

A football goalie game where buttons are pressed to catch the ball. Oliver’s not keen on ‘real’ football but he loved this.


Then it was onto brushing enormous teeth. How fun?


Back outside for a game of giant size Connect 4, I’d love this in our own garden.


The following morning, more playtime as they hit a local playground close to our home-




Another sunny day, another day out!

Hesketh Farm is adjacent to Bolton Abbey and is one of our favourite family days out.

A working farm open to the public, you can pet and feed the animals, play in their outdoor playground, drive toy tractors (and ride real ones), and picnic outside taking in the glorious views of Yorkshire countryside that surrounds the farm.

Hesketh Farm



climbing frame

Hesketh Farm

Lolly o’clock.

ice lolly

Hello handsome (Oliver’s rather cute too) 😉


I want some piglets as pets now. Aww!


And some chicks…

baby chicks

And a tortoise (OK I’ll stop now)!


oliver climbing in a park

oliver climbing in a park

oliver on tyre swing

oliver on tyre swing

oliver on spider web cimbing frame

oliver on tractor

tractor and flower bed


oliver eating a sanwich

sheep and lamb

Towards the end of the week, they booked a picturesque cottage in Anglesey cottage enveloped by forest and close to the beach. It was postcard perfect.

There was even a playground round the back-

oliver with toys

oliver with toys


oliver playing in forest


oliver in forest

crook in forest

crook in forest

They found broken bird’s egg on the forest floor, Oliver commented a bird had hatched.

egg shell in forest


pathway in forest


And tennis courts-

oliver playing on swing

oliver playing on swing

oliver playing on climbing ropes


A day at the port and beach, blue skies and bright sun.

oliver with a spade

bucket and spade

oliver by the sea

by the sea

modern bridge


oliver on the beach

Visiting nearby castles

castle and moat


oliver near castle



oliver eating icecream

oliver on a horse game

oliver on a slide

oliver on a slide

A gorgeous break for my boys, and on our return from holiday and reunion, I’d noticed that my Oliver had grown somewhat, he seemed a little lively and envigorated, and more mature than when I’d left him. It might have just been a week apart, but he’d clearly relished the attention, time, fun, and adventure with his Daddy and it showed.

I won’t lie, I can’t wait for our next holiday altogether but I’m so glad they had an amazing break, a holiday they’ll always cherish.

beautiful scenery

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