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I was looking at this photo above and PML (go Google that acronym if you’re unfamiliar-I’m looking at you Dad)… Mostly because the cuteness is overwhelming (am I right?!) but also because it epitomises that these blogger kids of mine (the off-spring of a blogger: me) are truly ‘living their best lives’ right now.

That’s not what this post is about though. It’s not some sort of boastful piece of shizz on how lucky they are. Although they are lucky, very lucky, as am I, it’s about how I’m raising kids…. Look, I’m lucky to live at a time where I can make a living doing what I’m good at: writing and directing on a platform that’s democratic and enriching that offers me a flexible, stable career. Twenty years earlier, and I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing (I’d probably be in development hell waiting for gatekeepers to green-light a passion project film rather than connecting with an audience at the touch of a button I control, every single day)…

So I love what I do and the kids are happy too, and whilst they drink from the cup of the blog with abandon they don’t do so without valuing what they have. Spoilt, entitled brats they are not…This photo reminded me of quite how strongly I feel about ensuring they don’t become that way either. Whatever the perks my job brings.

So far, so good, as these two are grateful and kind, and whilst they squabble to the point that I go bananas, I’m proud of my generous, thoughtful and caring kids.

Oliver remarked as we had a night out together in Central London last week, enjoying free burgers and entertainment that he was ‘filing the night in his long term memory’.

…My brother and I were lucky too. Thanks to my over-achieving folks who met at uni and set up successful businesses together, we didn’t ‘want for anything’ as we say up North, experiencing an Enid Blyton style childhood climbing trees and playing by the river running close to our home in the picturesque town of Ilkley, a swimming pool our basement of our house and holidays in the South of France. Spoilt on paper, yes, but we were brought up with a strong moral, and work ethic… To value education, to get our heads down and graft, to admit when we were in the wrong, to be open and honest and to fight the good fight.

These are all lessons I’m passing down to my own kids. When I type away on here, I remind them that it’s these words on the screen that allow me to earn money to provide for them both…That the commitment to my craft is what offers them all these glorious opportunities we lap up together. That nothing comes for free and that we must treasure everything we receive.

…That working hard, talking the talk but also walking the walk, and having integrity is what’s key…and that mini matching dressing gowns from 5 star hotels are just the cherry on the top.


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Blogger Kids - Honest Mum


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10 Responses

  1. No Fear of Fashion

    Hear, hear. I sooo agree with everything you wrote. Big cheers for you. Oh and I still don’t know what PML means. I found “peeing myself laughing” but it doesn’t fit with your text 🙃.

  2. Emma T

    I think it’s a hard thing to do, bring them up not being spoilt. Thankfully despite only having one child, N is a nice kid who is always brought back down to earth by the rest of the family. We don’t have so many opportunities as I work full time so events don’t work for us, and as blogging is a hobby not my job, I turn down most opps as they’re not things we want or need. But making sure they realise exactly how much work goes into what we ‘earn’ is so important.

    • Honest Mum

      Hi Emma, so important to bring up children to understand the value of money and experiences. I feel so lucky that thanks to my job they’ve had so many enriching experiences be it cooking with Jamie Oliver, meeting David Walliams, creating their own animation adverts and more. They know how hard I work for these things and that blogging is my full time job and means I can work flexibly around them so it works for our family set up as my former job directing wasn’t feasible due to the travel and 12-15 hour days.

  3. Wave to Mummy

    Blogger kids 😀 I obviously blog and I’ve often wondered how this blogging malarkey is affecting my daughter. I mean it is wonderful to just get so many lovely toys as review items and experiences (been to a few press trips and of course movie premieres, blog events etc) and she does get a lot. Much more than I would have at her age. Just gotta keep grounded and constantly remind her it comes because mummy works hard and that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Sounds like you’re achieving exactly that!

  4. Eb Gargano | Easy Peasy Foodie

    Aw, your kids are so cute and you are obviously such a fab mum! Your kids are very lucky to have you – and even luckier that their mum just happens to be a rather successful blogger who can give them ‘money can’t pay for this’ opportunities. May you continue to have wonderful adventures together!! Eb x

  5. Sophie Le Brozec

    Love your kids so much – they’re so gorgeous! And love what you’re passing down to them too. I work really hard, like you, to make sure my kids don’t grow up spoilt brats, and I often hear “It’s not fair!” to which I reply “you’ll thank me when you’re older”, in an absolute repeat of what went on with my parents and me as I grew up. It’s so easy to say yes to everything, but when you say no, that’s when you’re really giving them a gift 🙂 Big love to all of you xxx

    • Honest Mum

      You are spot on Sophie and saying ‘no’ is vital. You are an amazing mum giving your kids an incredible life whilst ensuring they are not spoilt and appreciate it all. Hope we can all hang out one day soon, lots of love xx


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