10 Things I’ve Learnt Aged 36

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It was my birthday yesterday-whoop, whoop, whoop (insert all the cake, balloons and champagne emojis) and I’m now 36!!

Don’t laugh but I thought I was actually 37 this year and had to Google my age. You know you’re getting old when you have to Google how old you are, hey?!

Well, did you know there’s a calculator online where you insert the year you were born and it tells you how old you are? So that’s the first thing I’ve learnt aged 36: that I’m not 37. I’m such a dingbat!

So that was a bonus point of the lessons I’ve learned up to date (you’re welcome #rubbishpoint #moveon), the other 10 are below! They’re short but sweet people because with age comes a shorter attention span and a busier life. Am I right or am I right?!

Thanks for all your love, birthday wishes and support yesterday on my birthday and every day you darlings. You made this (birthday) girl feel so very special. I spent the day with my best friend Rebecca before celebrating with my husband and family in the evening. My house is filled with flowers and my heart is full of love!

birthday flowers

With my gorgeous girl, Rebecca!


The 10 Things I’ve Learnt Aged 36 


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

  1. Always be yourself. Be true to you. Being genuine is everything. People IRL and online can sniff a fake out in no time so don’t put on an act, show people who you are. Not everyone will love you, naturally, but that’s OK, that’s life. Those who do, will know the real you and that’s what counts. Don’t change to fit a mould, lead by example and LOVE yourself. It’s the greatest gift a girl or guy could have. Once you do, others will too.
  2. Take time out. My work life is in the best shape yet (thanks to my amazing manager Neil at Insanity) and now I have a schedule which truly makes sense to me. Taking time out for my husband, friends and family makes me work harder when I’m grafting. You have to actually LIVE your life to WRITE about your life. Time out replenishes and also revives and inspires.
  3. Don’t be scared to say ‘yes’. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and go forth and flourish. Pick yourself up after you make mistakes, learn from them and come back stronger and more kick-ass than before. Grab new opportunities with both hands and make a conscious effort to try the things you’re most scared of. If you don’t keep testing and trying things out, you’ll never discover what makes you happy, because interests and loves are fluid.
  4. Cut the negativity out. Get ruthless with your life because you only have one to lead. Step away from negative energy and always trust your gut. I often do a social media spring clean. It’s usually nothing personal, I just streamline who I follow so I can focus on those I have a meaningful connection with. Do the same offline too. Focus on who matters.
  5. Be kind. Yes I’ve just told you to be ruthless with your life but that in turn means showing kindness to yourself. Treat others how you wish to be treated. Keep that head held high.
  6. Don’t judge. No one knows what others are going through or the battles they might be facing day-to-day. Try not to judge and instead keep open-minded where you can. Give hugs and love freely, you don’t know how your words might influence and affect others.
  7. Dance daily. Whether it’s dancing at the steering wheel parked up or getting your Beyoncé on before bedtime, a life with dance in it, is one worth living.
  8. Most problems can be solved with tea and cake. Or at least made infinitely better.
  9. Know your creativity has no bounds, you can be, do and create whatever you dream up.
  10. Trust the timing of your life. As Steve Jobs said, ‘You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future’. Believe me, the dots all connect, no experience nor adversity overcome, is ever wasted, everything informs the future: your story. Simply, make them count.

I’d love to know what you’ve learnt too, in your years on this great planet earth.

Now I’m off to take my own advice and enjoy a cup of black rose tea with a chunk of my blogiversary cake.

Happy Birthday to me!

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10 Things I've Learnt Aged 36

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