cherriesI know, I know this blog post title is rather cheesy (excuse the pun) but stick with me, you see this is only day 10 of being a vegan and well I feel like I’m a better person for it, already. I really am feeling my best and I didn’t expect to, to be honest.

I first feel like a better person than I was before, in the sense it’s an environmentally friendly and kind way of eating but also emotionally and physically.

I sort of feel like I’m undergoing a bit of a personality transplant to some extent. Not that I wasn’t fabulous before darlings 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been overtired and emotional after an amazing and intense weekend at BritMums Live but overall I’m feeling serene, rested and relaxed even with looming deadlines, work and family pressures and well the general busy life that is parenting, hustling and trying my best for everyone.

See, nothing has changed but my diet being plant based. And yet everything is different.

I’m more patient with my kids, when I switch off my laptop, I 100% switch off and well my mind and body feels totally in the moment.

As hippy-ish as it sounds, I feel more connected to nature in some way-zenned I think they call it (all those hormones from meat must have been playing havoc with me). I’m sure this is how we’re all supposed to eat. Or I am, at least. I have PCOS so perhaps this is the healthiest diet for me.

Oh and vegan food is delicious.

Filling my plate with chickpeas, lentils, quinoa and every vegetable under the sun (literally) in all kinds of concoctions from curries to soups, stews and salads along with sweet and standard potatoes, tonnes of fruit, coconut derived products and brown rice/noodles/flour is quite honestly making me happy. It’s sort of like the best kept secret of how to eat to feel your best.

I take Vitamin B12 and 6 to support the way I eat with B12 being crucial for health when following a vegan diet.  In days gone by, B12 was easy to absorb as food was not as sanitised but now it’s necessary if you’re only eating plants.

Yes veganism is a little scary at first and takes a few days to adapt, but you’ll feel full yet light after meals, and so content you simply cannot continue, oh and something enlightening happens with your tastebuds too, they’re reawakened so you start to truly taste the flavours food has to offer.

And the vegan recipes online are limitless. As in the inspiration on Pinterest. I have a pretty board here titled Deliciously Vegan if you fancy a look and a drool. This week I shared gluten and nut free pesto penne.

I must point out, I don’t want to be that girl that annoys everyone with how and what she eats, people must find what makes them happy but I do want to share in a non judgmental, non didactic way the benefits I’m finding eating like this, along with lots of tasty vegan recipes.

Even if you only incorporate the odd dish or meat-free day here and there, adding more plants to your diet can only be a good thing.

I’ll still be sharing meat, fish and dairy recipes too as my family eats those things even if I don’t, and I know so many of you do too.

So far, I’m feeling content, chilled out yet more energised than ever, I sleep like a baby (one that actually sleeps through unlike my own offspring), I’ve lost weight in a short time and well, life, feels good. Really, really good.

Being Vegan And Feeling My Best

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8 Responses

  1. Lizzie Roles

    I love the photo’s on this post Vicki, i’m not vegan but having lost weight with Weight Watchers I can tell when i’m not eating well. My body has gotten so used to healthy food that when I go off the rails my body pays me back for it! I would certainly consider going meat free for a day a week, although I’m not sure my husband would agree! XO

  2. Milly

    Brilliant choice, Vicki! I’ve been vegetarian for many years before I became completely vegan. For me it wasn’t difficult to switch at all, rather natural since I’ve been grumpy about vegetarian dishes having cheese or milk even, so for me it was a much needed step. Still I can imagine it must be hard changing your diet if you’ve been eating meat all your life. I’m happy to welcome you in our always growing vegan world and have fun 🙂 It’s really the best choice as you’re not just doing right by your body, but also by our planet.


    • honestmum

      Oh that’s so lovely Milly, thank you for your kind words and offer, I’m going to head to your blog asap. I really do feel so full of life and the transition hasn’t been hard really. I feel so happy to be eating right for my body, mind and the earth x

  3. Ebabee

    Well done to you for sticking with it. I can’t imagine that it’s easy going vegan. I love the idea of it but I just don’t know if I can do it especially since the rest of the family definitely won’t be doing it. But I might push myself to give it a try and it sounds like it truly makes you look and feel better. (Just thinking about going Vegan and I’m missing meat already 🙂

    • honestmum

      Ooh why don’t you try it for a few weeks and see how you feel, I really do feel good and that’s what is keeping me on track and really am not missing meat and I’m Greek remember hehe 😉


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