Being Strict With Your Time


I’ve just read Seth Godin’s ironically timely post on time and the importance of respecting your time and others’, and it got me thinking. We’re all busy, we’re all stretched and endlessly juggling making our time, precious.

We need to respect the time we have, and are willing to give up and the ways we manage it in order to feel content.

Seth even suggests informing others politely when time is up. That’s a huge lesson, right there.

…Social media can make us feel like we have to immediately respond to messages when they reach our inbox. Facebook messenger and even text messages inform the sender if the recipient has read their message, applying all the more pressure to engage. It can be stifling.

Let me remind you, you are under no obligation or pressure to immediately reply to others whether you’ve read their message or not, unless you want to. Facebook doesn’t own you.

The last few months have seen me stop with the endless people-pleasing of previous years and to put myself first more. To stop pouring from an empty cup or jumping to the beat of others’ drums.

I’ve come to value my time and it really is a gift. A gift of time.

I remember watching a Marie Forleo video years ago that encouraged you to carefully consider the requests you receive and whether you can help so as not to become overwhelmed. Marie suggested that when the next person asks you for a favour, you evaluate whether you have the time to actually help. Marie mentioned that if it stops you from ringing your mum or doing something important, maybe it’s time to say ‘no’.

It’s absolutely crucial you weigh up whether you have the time to do x, y and z. That doesn’t mean don’t help others, of course it doesn’t, it just means make self-care a priority. Help yourself in order to help others. Have fun.

I’m a generous person, sometimes too generous as my Dad likes to remind me (in my wedding speech he mentioned that I had 3 charity direct debits set up when at Uni so would ring him for money for food).

So, keep an eye on time-management, on what makes sense work-wise and when it comes to committing time to others, to prevent burnout. I don’t want to fall back into being a ‘yes to everything’ person I previously was because it made me feel frazzled and unhappy.

The same goes for the time you spend consuming media, ensuring you only spend time viewing and consuming those who bring light to your life.

When you start feeling in control of your time, your finite 24 hours in the day that we all get (yes, even Beyonce), you’ll discover you have more of it.

Spend your time meaningfully, with whom, and on what makes your heart sing.

It’s time.


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