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I know what you’re thinking, dramatic title right? But it’s true, I pretty much hate myself during PMT time which can be anything from 1 day (lucky) to 1 week or more (un-freaking-lucky) so I’m writing this from one honest mama to another because if you’re suffering too and hate yourself when it’s that time of the month, you’re not alone because I am too.

I personally feel PMT/PMS has gotten worse for me, after kids. The internet lied. It promised me the hardship of pregnancy and birth meant easier monthly periods. Or maybe that’s what I’d convinced myself pre-sprogs.

Whilst I suffer from the frustrating  fluctuating weight inducer PCOS all month round (joyous), PMT can be pretty debilitating with its confidence-knocking, self-hating ways.

It doesn’t just affect me either but those I love too. Soz Peter, you’ll have your usual wife back next week, promise.

…I’ve joked about needing Richard Branson to loan me his island for that s**** week but Richard, seriously, if you’re reading, PLEASE CALL ME or get your assistant to, yeah.

It’s not all doom and gloom though…

I’ve found some PMT alleviators in my time (well it’s only been 25 years in the red)…not cures it must be said (they ain’t cracked it yet but without them, life would undoubtedly be a whole lot worse) and new research is making me want to hotfoot it down to Holland & Barrett Usain Bolt style to pick up Vitamin B1 which helps to crack down on the emotional and physical symptoms of PMS (hi-fives all round).

B6 has scientific backing too helping with depression and anxiety and is a must-take for those suffering. I’ve found following a low GI diet which keeps blood sugar steady and limiting sugar helps with mood swings and pushing myself to exercise and taking time to chill out (yep, I know, not often poss with kids) and just being a bit kinder to my hormonal self does help which means when you feel complete S**** accept why, don’t blame yourself and understand your body and mind are working against you right now but the clouds will lift.

And right now that’s exactly how I feel. I’m writing this on a day I pretty much hate myself.

I feel massive (that will be the immense water weight gain then), ugly (hello painful spot under my lips my husband genuinely enquired whether I had something on my face as if it were a rogue piece of food (insert crying with laughter emoticon then a woman punching a man in the face symbol) and I feel like a complete failure in life. I forget anything good I’ve experienced or done EVER and focus on anything that will make me feel crap. Hello spot.

I know the clouds will slowly part and the sun will come out again, usually a few gloomy days after the initial ‘there’s no point to anything so let’s eat all the ice cream and not get out of bed’ and I’m OK again. Yes I still have days I doubt myself, show me a woman (or man) who doesn’t and I’ll show you a liar (whoa, harsh but true) but, on the whole, once the PMT passes, I’m a lot easier to live with.  A lot. Almost perfect, right Pete 😉

So there you have it, no real answers I’m afraid, just a few suggestions that help me (sometimes not enough) and a big fat greek hug from someone who gets this, gets you, and knows how s*** PMT can be.

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Being Honest: I Hate Myself When I Have PMT (PMS)

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17 Responses

  1. Morgan Prince

    Oh boy I understand this! A little more than 6 years ago during that time of the month I was EVIL. I hated everything and everyone, including myself. I would scream and shout. I would cry and pout. It was horrid. Then I stopped taking the pill and it was like the clouds lifted. Suddenly I was me, the real me. I’m no angel now and still suffer occasionally but it’s nothing like it was. I get a bit shouty or cry a lot now but nothing my boys can’t cope with (bless ’em!). Ah isn’t it great being a woman?! xx

  2. Isabel

    I feel your pain my friend. 🙁 I get terrible spots about 3 or 4 days before, really painful and yucky. Then my actual period is so heavy and traumatic I just dread it. I will try the vitamin thing for sure. I have considered the pill as well, it’s just getting that appointment at the doctors. Not an easy feat these days, and when you have no energy already you just end up putting it off! I think I’ll pop into Holland & Barrett next time I’m in time though!

  3. Renee Davis

    Oh my darling, I could have written this myself. I have a few days in my cycle (fortunately not monthly, because of PCOS it’s a long one) where I am a different person. It is suckful 🙁 sending love xxx

    • Honest Mum

      So tough, I had back to back periods the other month too and whilst they come like clockwork monthly, I wish my cycles were longer as they were pre-kids as PMT really is awful isn’t it. So sorry you suffer too hun xx

  4. jodie filogomo

    I think the hardest thing is for people to understand when they haven’t experienced such things.
    It’s truly good to talk/blog about it so that others can relate and the ones who have experienced it don’t feel so alone!
    Sending hugs!

  5. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    Aww, I’ll match your big fat Greek hug with a big fat Yorkshire hug when I next see you! It’s crap that you suffer like this every month – however I have to say I love this post! Not you in pain obvs, but the fact that despite the pain you have still managed to produce a useful, honest and informative post (with the B6)! You really are doing your true calling hun – you were born to blog.
    Much love xx

    • Honest Mum

      So touched by your words Nadine, thanks so much lovely, I feel the same about you. Hope to catch up in person soon too x

  6. Kat | Beau Twins

    Feel your pain as I suffer big time. I’ll have to try the B6 for sure. Maca powder has really great effects too. I found a drink you can create which is really good – yet to try but meant to be amazing for this kind of thing. Thank you for writing this as I self loath and really beat myself up as I get uptight quite quickly and suppress as much as I can but it’s sooooo hard! Especially being on my own with the girls. But hey, us mama’s are in this together! xxxx

    • Honest Mum

      Aw need to try that Maca powder hun, thanks, B6 and B1 are meant to really help, only tried former but going to buy B1 asap. Sad you suffer too, we have to stick together chick, you are an amazing lady xx

  7. Fola Lewis

    We hear you Vicki, it’s one of those unexplainable truths you can’t really broadcast and people think you really ought to have soughted it out after the years of pms under your belt. With pcos too it always seems to come out of nowhere like an invasion of the body (and) mood snatchers. Thank God it’s short-lived and we do get a some sort of brain fog to make us forget it all briefly each month! Thanks for the great read (from one pms-ing chic to another)!

  8. Mirka @Kahanka

    Oh darling! I know you have been struggling with this, and so hard reading how you are feeling. Wish I could be there to cuddle you, and assure you will be fine soon. You are amazing, beautiful and so inspirational! Love you xxxxxxxxx

  9. Sarah Corbett

    A fantastic post – I am exactly the same. I also experience a few days mid cycle too which means I have quite a few days in the month where I feel like shit! I’ve been googling and I have discovered something called, ‘maca’. I’ve yet to venture to buy this, but I’m pretty close to doing so!

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks Sarah and sorry to hear you suffer too, never heard of it. Let me know what you find, def off to buy Vitamin B1 asap x


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