mother and son on a tractor

Being Honest: How I Veer Between Wanting to Be An Earth Mother & Beyoncé-Can You Relate?

mother and son on a tractor

Now Beyoncé could well be an ‘earth mother’ for all I know and what exactly is that anyway I hear you cry… to me it’s a wade of days ahead of me filled with fun times with my kids.

Which, by the way, I know full well, will never play out quite like that (if weekends are anything to go by)- and the daisy chain making, barefoot mamas of my mind might well be as mythical as the actual term itself but-

…the truth is I’ve come to realise I spend a large part of my life veering between wanting to be a full time mum, potentially even adding to my brood- and taking over the world Beyoncé style.

And it got me thinking, if I feel like this, others must do too yet those distinct but not as opposing as we think- roles don’t seem to be openly discussed enough- and it’s limiting for all of us.

Why shouldn’t we want to take over the world one tweet at a time but equally want to spend as much time as possible with our kids? Or, on some days feel we need to move it and shake it when it comes to business, on others, to just move it and shake it to Mr Tumble on Cbeebies?

I have utmost respect for Stay At Home Mums and know they do far more than dance round their living rooms-two of my best friends and others folks I know are SAHMs and there’s never enough hours in the day- and equally, I doth my cap to those working full and part time too.

It’s all a freaking juggle and I hate anything that pits women against women- and men for that matter.

I have friends who are happy and equally, unhappy, in both aforementioned roles- and for many, there just isn’t a choice to be made, an option of ‘either/ or’.

I personally need and want to work but I’ve slogged tremendously hard over the last 5 1/2 years to build my blog into a business and a place which enables me to have more time off- and I’m fully embracing it.

I work full time hours but in a flexible way with workload distributed throughout the week including some evenings and parts of weekends, leaving me with one day off a week minimum and at most, two.

And I love it.

I crave it.

I don’t live to work and while the passion for this site and all that comes with it, is truly IMMENSE, so is my need to take time out with my kids particularly as my little one starts school next September leaving us a year and a bit to play with (literally)!

So it comes back to the question of balance- whatever the schedule or end-goal.

I basically still want to be Beyoncé (any day now), just 3 days of the week…

…Discussing my ever-changing position with my great pal, writer and founder of Babes About Town, Uju, I wanted to end on her thoughts,

‘It’s such a shame that this is set up as an ‘either/or’ for women… something that men never seem to have to think about. Or maybe that’s just from our perspective, after all so many men do feel the pressure of being the provider and don’t allow themselves (or society doesn’t allow) that Earth Father approach. Does the Earth Daddy even exist? Either way more power to all of us, whether we’re out there hustling or home raising our kids, we’re doing the best we can! And amen to the 3 day week.’



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Being Honest: How I Veer Between Wanting to Be An Earth Mother & Beyoncé-Can You Relate? - Honest Mum



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